God's Sword of Truth - The Word

Witchcraft and

Devil Worship

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess



An angel of light....a true father of darkness...Lucifer.  He is the sire of witchcraft and devil worship.  His fruits on earth did not stop with Adam and Eve.  After the flood, he and his fallen angels were waiting for Noah and his sons.

Other names for Lucifer taken from the New Testament include: Satan, Beelzebub, The Devil, The Prince of darkness, The Prince of this world, The Serpent or Old Serpent, The Beast and The Great Dragon.

Out of Noah came Ham, and from Ham came Cush.  It was Cush who laid plans for a great tower to Heaven (the Tower of Babel) to defy God.  Cush was Satan's servant in the flesh.

From Cush came a son, Nimrod and through Nimrod was built the great City Babylon, the empire which would send millions to hell.  Nimrod was the father of the occults and through his system of religion, his followers fell deep into sin so that sacrificing babies became common place.

Nimrod's followers, the first one being his mother Semiramis who had married her own son Nimrod.  At Nimrod's death, his mother-wife declared Nimrod a God and she became a Goddess, known as the "Queen of Heaven".  Semiramis took the occult religion underground.  They took secret oaths which started the beginning of secret societies.

Semiramis was the first person to set up a confessional system.  Her subjects confessed to her priests, and in this way she kept track of what was going on in her occult religion.  Satan was well on his way to establishing Baal worship (Sun-God worship).  At this time, there were not many in the world who were following God's way.   In fact, Abram (renamed Abraham), was the only righteous person who followed God.  Remember, when Lucifer rebelled and fell from Heaven, he was removed from his high position and became Satan and it was he who caused the fall of Eve, then Adam from the Garden of Eden.  He was present with his people at the Antediluvian corruption (period prior to the flood).  He was at Babel, out of which came divination, necromancy (conjuration of the spirits of the dead), sorcery and witchcraft.  He was at Sodom (he hindered the prophets, the Jews), he tempted Christ, he hampered the Apostles, and now he is after the Christians.

In the beginning, he had Semiramis' religion of paganism and now he uses religion to deceive man.  He has used man in the beginning and he is again using man in his religions.  In all cases, he diminished God's plan and reduces the way to salvation in Christ.  He has used man to change the Word of God and he has used, presumably holy men to lead his many religions.


Satan has something for everyone in this life, just take a look at the people who celebrate Satan's favorite day, Halloween (All Hallows Eve).  What do people dress up like?.....witches, spooks, ghosts, hooligans, goblins and skeletons.  No Christian should have anything to do with Halloween in any way.  Do not send your children out to trick or treat.  Instead, give them a party, a Christian party at home.

Other organizations of Satan are:  Fortune Telling, Seances (summoning of dead spirits), Crystal ball reading, palmistry, mediums (channeling), Tarot card readings, Tea leave reading, black arts, druidcraft, devil-satanic-underworld worship, unholy sabbath and full moon worship, Warlocks, Wizards, Wiccans, Shamans and Witches, magic, charms, human and animal altar sacrifices, Reincarnation, Hexcraft, Voodoo, Ouija Boards, Pendulum, water divining, sorcery and casting of spells & divinations, pagan symbols, Psychic readings, Astrology and Horoscopes.

Evil neopagan beliefs, practices and observances from Satan include: ritualistic bobbing for apples, trickster costumes,  jack-o-lantern, carved lantern pumpkins and bonfires, reveling in horror, frights, hoaxes and pranks, obsession with dead bodies (cadavers), graves, morgues, caskets, graveyards, obsession with scary/creepy things, haunted houses, vampires, monsters, hobnob, belief in mystical fairy folk, fairy tales and elves, druidry, stonehenge and familiar spirits.

Two other areas to watch out for involve Yoga (also a form of cult) and Exorcism.  Exorcism is not taught in the Bible.  Some Preachers teach people to cast out evil sprits.  These Preachers had better know what they are doing.  A Christian can take command over evil spirits, read the Scriptures as to how and when to take command and rebuke.  Christians cannot be possessed, only oppressed.

Other forms of satanic control of people is through music and drugs.  Rock music and drugs have caused the loss of many souls, to be in hell forever.  Just look at the groups: the Kiss, the Who, Rolling Stones, the Beattles (to name a few).  They all have the beat of Satan and the results are obvious to the younger generation.  Just look around the world, is there peace and good will?  Can the love of Christ be seen?  Are all men at peace with each other?  Is nature at peace?  Are all people fed and happy?  Do all have a roof over their head?  Are they warm?  The answer is NO!  If you can see the positive side to any of the above mentioned, then you are blind to what Satan is doing and you need to be read when Christ comes.

Again, just to show you how Satan tricks and deceives people, he was allowed to place two of his best shows on Television.  He is very tactful and he used social taste in adapting a family scene to disguise his evil ways.  Both shows had witchcraft themes.  The shows - Bewitched and Mork & Mindy.

Satan also uses Movies, Books and Games to deceive.  More examples of his influences include: I Dream of Jeannie, Charmed, The Munsters, The Addams Family, Dark Shadows, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Craft, The Witches of Eastwick, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf movies, Zombie movies, Vampire movies, Frankenstein movies, Mummy movies, Ghost movies and Psycho/Slasher/Serial Killers movies.

Man's religion never warns you about such shows.  How many know about witchcraft and devil worship?  Oh, they have some knowledge, but what about the knowledge of the rituals, spells, and signs they use.  How many people know that they do not have to believe in such things to be possessed by the or influenced by their medals or medallions that they wear around their neck.  Each one brings a demon to guide them on their path. If they think it is all bad luck, it is not.  It is Satan.  Many people wear Satan's medals and are not aware of what they represent in the occult.  Many nations have the occult signs on their flags, and ever nations that does - just take a look at their problems.  China, Israel, Russia and Turkey are to name a few.  Look at how many people wear the Italian Horn (symbol created by Druid priests for Satan's financial help).  Many wear the Ankh (the symbol of reincarnation and worship to Ra, the Sun God), it looks like a cross but it is rounded at the top and many think that it is a cross of Christ.  Still others have tattooed symbols on their bodies.  Another trick of Satan is to disguise the truth.  If you are a Christian, stay away from Satan's symbols, medals and tattoos.  You cannot serve two masters.  Show Christ in your heart by love, not on your body by signs and symbols.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.