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Why Baptists Are Not Christian

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess


Why Baptists are not Christian, but are really Angels of Light and do the Devil's works!

This is an exposé of facts of what the Baptists believe and do in their religion. The Baptists are like a two-headed coin, flesh on one side and religion on the other side.

Their Origin

Baptists were fallen Catholics known as Ana-Baptist in Europe. Their founders are Zurich, Gubber (1500-1600) and J. Smyth, who later added additional input into the religion. When the Baptists migrated to America from the original body of Baptists in Europe, they became known as just "Baptist". They finally settled in the south and later some came to be known as Calvins and Mennonites. They organized into a tight group and were led by strong fleshly leaders. Its membership was very select. The early KKK were Baptists who used control and put fear into the people.
Their Belief
The Baptist teachers, and later their bible schools, brought in many strange doctrines of heresies; i.e. "once saved, always saved". They confused this with eternal security. Also, a part of their false doctrines is water baptism for their membership, along with works of faith as signs of membership.

The Baptists have no free-will. Their belief is "once a Baptist - always a Baptist", almost like the Catholic religion. Their doctrines of "you don’t have to, but you’d better!", "backsliding is only loss of rewards, not your soul", and "you can’t lose salvation, even by sinning" is complete heresy. Foolish people, don’t you know that sin is sin and it must be paid for in some way!

More heresy is the fact that the Baptists don’t believe that their name can be taken out of the Book of Life. Not only do they celebrate Catholic Christmas, Easter and other man-made days or months, but they’ve had slaves in the early days. They believe the dark skinned race of people (blacks) were inferior and cursed and were not allowed in the white churches. The Baptists even went to war and killed over this issue.

Today, these same Baptists continue to be against dark skinned people and go to church on Sunday. Instead of being the church (the body of Christ in their heart) they to go a building and call itthe church. These Baptists are patriots to a country and flag, which is of the Devil. They have papered pastors, picked of men, taught of men in man's bible schools.

It's interesting, they have the right truth in the King James Authorized Version, but they don't know it by the Spirit. Is it because they are flesh walkers and work on their own righteousness? Or maybe it's because they keep the Jewish Law of Commandments and tithe.

They're Wrong!
Baptists are social and accepted of all religions, as they also accept all other beliefs and doctrines, especially if they say "Jesus is Lord". They don't know the real Jesus, they have the Catholic Jesus which is in fact, Anti-Christ.

The Baptists believe that there are many roads to heaven, when in truth, there is only one. They have lost their salt, which they never had to begin with. The Baptists do not know the Holy Spirit, who leads the body of Christ nowin these last days.

A Baptist will go to war and kill under government orders. They don't know how to forgive, so they shall not be forgiven. All Baptists are the same in belief (no matter what they call themselves). They are very political in nature. Even their President appointed a man (who ran against him) as his Vice President, even though they disagreed on doctrine and principles. Did Jesus elect Judas as His Vice President? The Answer is NO! You can't work together unless you agree. Wake up people! The Baptists teach great spiritual truths of righteousness but have much leaven inside. They look good outside and appear pure but inside they are full of dead man's bones and are spiritually dead.

The Baptists, like the Jew, are lost souls and need to be taught by the Holy Spirit, not men! A teacher of the Holy Spirit can do it, but only he can show you by his fruit as to who knows Christ Jesus the Lord.

In Christ, I am such a man, by His Spirit and fruit.

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All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.