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The Trilateral Commission

(Satan’s Work Shop)

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess


One of the most dangerous, evil groups of people ever assembled is the Trilateral Commission. They are the forerunners of the "New World Order". This group will open the door for the political leader who shall become the Anti-Christ, the "666" man of the end times, as told to us in the Lord’s prophecy of last day events leading to Christ’s return after 7 years of Tribulation. We are feeling the birth-pangs now.

They have been called many things and have used many names to hide under, such as: Free-Masons, Illuminati, Brothers of the Bell, Bilderbergers, and the New World Order group. They are in theory, non-political. In fact, they want money and control of all souls in the universe - they want to rule the world. Many of them are unaware of how big they are or that they are actually doing Satan’s work. Many are church goers or religious,....how sad! Many members are doing the work of the few in high places and do not understand the total picture of what is at stake or what the end results will be. Most think they’re doing the world a favor by making life better, their way.

The Trilateral Commission was organized in 1973 by a group of wealthy financiers, media millionaires, the big union bosses and many political figures from all over the world who met in secret to determine and develop the future world plan that is coming - the New World Order. In April of 1992, this group of men met in Baden Baden, Germany. Publishers of America’s greatest newspapers were present and were given credit by the great top guru - David Rockefeller, for hushing up all their activities and their plans of controlling the world. They also laid out the plan as to who shall be the next president.

You ask, How is this so? Well, they have been in control a long time and past Presidents are members and have taken their orders from this secret society. The first President of whom they had successfully planned to get elected was Jimmy Carter and once elected President, he in turn appointed a Trilateral member, Z. Brzezinski, to his administration as National Security Adviser.

To keep their activities secret they have an underground group called the "Skull & Bones Society" and the "Bilderbergers". These cynical and powerful men have power to take out anyone who gets in their way, such as a World Leader, President or even a King of a country. They make the evil men of history look like child’s play. They are powerful and shall not be stopped until Christ returns. What is taking place now is one of the signs given which brings in the Anti-Christ and how he gets his power to control all.

The Common Market Elite "Think-Tank"
Let me add an important part of this group. One of their "Think-Tank" by-products is "The Common Market", or the plan to control all Europe under one government. If you’re not aware, the Common Market is comprised of countries from the Old Roman Empire. This group also has a religious side to it. They want to be respectful, self-righteous, look good, etc. Get the picture? Satan’s Angels-of-Light. They have the Pope of Rome as their co-conspirator. Some of the first members of The Common Market met at the Vatican and the Pope assigned a Cardinal to them (now they look spiritual).

Today, the group controls Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle-East, China and Japan. In other words, the World.  No one will be able to stop them.  What is coming is coming, and soon.

I’m not writing to expose this group. You can’t stop them! It’s bigger than that! It’s to warn you that it’s the forerunner of the Anti-Christ, the great World Leader of Satan who is coming into power. This is even bigger than Rockefeller, one of the servants of Satan. In truth, they are not hiding anymore. It was no accident that George Bush Sr. declared on open National TV, of the "New World Order". People!!!! The Biblical Babylon is here! It’s in all the newspapers. It has been said, and written, that David Rockefeller is an American disaster. He is much more than that, he is a universal Angel-of-Light. He is the grass roots of the City of Babylon.

There is a universal disaster going on right now in world governments, politics, weather, storms-floods, famine, disease, killings, crime and deaths. Can you see the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse? They’re alive and well and on schedule. Prophecy is being fulfilled before your eyes. This is the generation that shall see the return of Jesus Christ to rule the world. Satan is ready! The Anti-Christ is ready! The False-Prophet is ready! Religion is ready! Their revival and coming together are here. The World Church, World Government (Babylon) is ready and the timing is right. Nature is ready and there are signs in the Heavens.

It has been said by Rothschild, the father of banking, that, "I don’t care what your government belief is, let me control the money and I’ll control that government", a fact today.

Do you know who the members of the C.F.R. are? They are also Trilateral members. C.F.R. stands for Council on Foreign Relations. Also known as the New World Order. Look on the back of your dollar bill, on the left side, the pyramid of Satan. The motto ~ in Latin,


A new order of the ages or One World Order

The words at the top "ANNUIT COEPTIS", means New Order or Concept. Ring a bell? This seal has nothing to do with the Lord God, but is in fact of the Devil.

I could write reams of papers on the subject. Now that they fear not, and have come out of the wood-work, there is plenty of information on them all. They know they can’t be stopped. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush were both committed to Trilateral Commission appointees while in the White House.

Watch your newspaper and any article on the New World Order. Watch the Pope of Rome, who is also pushing for control over the World. Watch the New World Order’s glory boy ~ Bill Clinton (the man who loves Homosexuality). He is the Sodomy King. "By their fruits ye shall know them". President Clinton also a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and Council of Foreign Relations has Trilateral Commission appointees.

Why is the Chase Manhattan Bank the only bank that can lend money to foreign countries? Why does a private company control our banks? It’s called the Federal Reserve and it is never taxed, never audited. They have our gold and silver and they are not government or political. They’re in it for the money, which is part of the New World Order.

They are the most corrupt institution the world has ever known. They are a private monopoly which preys upon the people for their benefit. It’s the "FEDS" that control the money and our inflation. Since the "FEDS" were founded in 1913, the U.S. has suffered the following:

1. The Great Depression
2. Four major recessionary valleys
3. Staggering inflation and unemployment
4. Dwindling productivity
5. Two major Wars ~ unconstitutional
6. 1982 dollar worth a fraction of its 1913 counterpart.
The "FEDS" give account to no one, but they are under the Trilaterial Commission however. The members of the "FEDS" are Rockfeller’s agents and friends. What more do you need? These people are not hiding, they are in the open and all these facts are available and true. The Roman Empire has been reborn. Christ is coming SOON!

Let’s look at some of the other members of the Trilaterial, besides all the present day X-Presidents, who are still alive, let alone all that have died. As of now, Bill Clinton heads the list of all of his top people:  all Federal Reserve people, all the Treasury Heads of the News Media; CBS, NBC-RCA, ABC, Cable Network, PBS, Associated, UP, Boston Globe, LA Times, Bolt Sun, National Review, Dow Jones, Newsweek, Wash. Post, Time magazine, N.Y. Times Co., Exxon, Standard, Mobil, Atlantic, Richfield, Texaco, Gulf, Shell, Occidental, G.E., AT&T, Caterpillar, John Deere, World Bank, C.F.R. people, Special House and Senate members (note: I have all these names, there are too many to list), we also have Ambassadors, Dept. of State, Bureau of Inter-American affairs, Bureau of African affairs, Bureau of European affairs, Bureau of International Organization affairs, Texas Instrument, Citi-Bank, Chase Manhattan, Chem Bank, First National of Chi., Manufacturers Hanover, Dept. of Labor, General Motors, Ford, International, Union Bosses, all Military Allied Commanders, Joint Chiefs, Lawyers, Educators (those who even teach your children), and on and on, there is nothing they do not control if it involves big business or has any type of power or influence in the world.

They are responsible for the farming problem, oil problem, gold and silver control, many wars and the changing of governments. They are masters at thinning out the World population of the poor and hungry. They are racist and great respecters of persons. They feel they are in a very high place in society and have a royal blood status, if you will.

Would you believe their logo is "666", Satan’s number? This number is used in many ways and here are a few: The World bank code is "666", Australia’s National bank cards have "666" on them, the new credit cards in the United States are being assigned the prefix "666" on them, Central computers for Sears, Betz, Penney’s and Montgomery Ward have prefixed "666" on their systems. Shoes made in European Common Market have, stamped inside the label, the number "666". The I.R.S. uses the "666" prefix, tanks built by Chrysler Corp. use "666" on the side. It goes on and on, there are too many to list.

Christ returns when the Roman Empire is rebuilt. He was born into it, they had a hand in His death and shall be in power when He returns. The Common Market is made up of all the Old Roman Empire Countries which are currently controlled, by the Trilaterial Commission. The Old Roman Empire use the language of Rome, Latin. The letters of Latin are also numbers. The Roman letters were used as numerals until the 10th Century AD.

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500
The Pope of the Roman Church uses Latin, and the name given him by the Catholic church, "Vicar of Christ", totals "666". His symbol "VICAR OF CHRIST" in Latin is FILII VICARIUS DEI. Noted below is the Roman (Greek) numerical equivalent for that Latin name.



= 53

= 112

= 501

53 + 112 + 501 = "666"< BR >

Again, I could go on and on. These are not coincidences, but facts. In English, the first letter "A" of the alphabet is the value of 6. Why 6? Because man was created on the 6th day. Therefore, "B" would then be 12, and "C" is 18 etc.

Satan shall control by computer, all lives, in the last days. Now look at the word........

C =
O =
M =
P =
U =
T =
E =
R =

Did you know that the 3 countries in old Jewish history time; Babylon, Greek and Roman Empires, were enemies of the Jew and caused them much damage and that they shall one day soon do the same again?

It is interesting that the bank card and company involved with Chase Manhattan - Rockefeller used the letters VISA, which value is 666.

Each of their letters in their language total 6, or three 6’s on the card......FACT! What more do you need? It’s all there to see. We are now entering the cashless society, the Master credit card is here, you won’t buy or sell without it. The mark on the hand or forehead is next. They are ready to do it now! When President Reagan was in office, he talked about a computer chip underneath the skin. I could go on, and on, and on, but enough said or written. Are you ready for what’s here? Can you even see it?
"Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil..."- Romans 2:9 



All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.