God's Sword of Truth - The Word

The Making of a Christian

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

In the beginning God created all things....from nothing.  He created the earth with age.  He created man from the dust of this earth and His is the same man today.  Evolution is simply a theory of man.  To believe in God and His plan, you must have faith that He is what the Word (His Bible) says He is.  You must have faith and believe that He inspired and guided men to write His Bible, and that very Bible is still preserved today.

There is only one Bible, not several versions as man today states.  It was written in the language of the time as needed.  The Old Testament in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek - both translated into English when needed.  There are still copies of the originals left today.  The Greek and Hebrew language is still spoken today and there have been no changes in the language, only the meaning to a small degree.  The translation of the copies of Hebrew and Greek into English is in the King James "1611" version today.  All other versions are of man and have been added to, taken away from, or changed - under the reason that there has been new finds or changes in the language.  This is not true.  The Holy Spirit is the Writer of Scripture and the Teacher of all believers...not man or his versions of the Bible.  The Holy Spirit has never had problems teaching a believer who is seeking the truth.

When God created Adam - then Eve - He placed them in the Garden of Eden to live.  He gave them a test of their free will.  Free will is, under God's plan in the Bible, a choice...you decide which way you go, who you follow and what you believe.  Only the Word of God and the Holy Spirit guides you if you allow Him.  The Word states that if you seek, you shall find...if you knock, it shall be opened to you (Matthew 7:7).

Now, Adam and Eve were, what you might say - super humans.  They had great intelligence.  They were well informed by God of all that they needed to know.  The earth belonged to Adam.  He controlled it, he named all of its contents (plants, animals, etc).....it was a paradise, a state of perfection and happiness.  This was God's gift to Adam and Eve and their soon-to-come descendants, a perfect world and a joyful life forever....all they needed to eat, no labor or pain, no bad weather - cold or hot climate.  Adam and Eve walked daily with God in the Garden of Eden and they enjoyed His fellowship.  During this period, there was also another spirit on earth - Satan - who knew and saw what God had created in Adam and Eve and on the earth.  Satan, after the fall, could also walk the earth.  And, as he had deceived the angels, he saw a chance to deceive Eve.  His reason?.....to go against God...to try and get even for what he had lost...to be opposite of God's will.  But, Satan cannot overcome God, therefore he attacks God's people.

Satan in convincing Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, and Eve then having Adam eat of the fruit, sold them a lie.  The lie was, that if they ate of the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil, they would also become Gods themselves.  In believing this lie, they made Satan their confidant and followed him instead of God's Word.  When they ate of the fruit - they sinned in God's eyes - they disobeyed Him.  What God gave them on the earth, they in turn gave to Satan.  When Satan became their God, he took the spoils of God's gift.  Satan was then called the prince of this world (John 14:30).  From that point on, the earth and everything on it, or around it in space has been in decay - all down hill so to speak.  It is now heading towards destruction.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21:1) - where all righteousness shall live with God at the end of this life.  Satan is now in control of the earth, and will continue to be until Christ reclaims it when He returns on the Mount of Olives at the start of His Millennium reign.

Following the sin of Adam and Eve, both were removed from the Garden of Eden and told that they would have to toil for their life's needs and feel the pain of their labor.  But God, in His love, forgave them and promised them a way back to His graces.  When sin brought them a curse and punishment - love brought them hope and a promise of redemption (a Messiah).  Through Eve's womb would come a Redeemer, Who would save the world and take back from Satan what Adam gave him - power over the earth and the things on it.

From that point on, when Adam and Eve sinned, Satan has been around causing what problems he can to the world and its inhabitants.  After the first sin of disobedience, Cain (the son of Adam) with help from Satan, killed his brother Abel, thus the first crime of murder.  With this sin came another curse (read Genesis 4:11-15) which was against Cain.  As the descendants of Adam and Eve increased, so did the sins of man with the help of Satan.  This continued for 1600 years, up to Noah's time.

From Cain, Abel and Seth's time, sin and Satan increased to the point that the world was evil.  Only Noah and his three sons, along with their wives, were following the God of creation.  God informed Noah to build an ark for himself and his family, as He (God) was going to destroy sin from the earth (Gen. Chap. 6 & 7).

After the flood, the ark landed on Mount Ararat in Turkey, with eight persons on board - God's number for a new beginning.  From this beginning came the people in the world today.  All generations and races come from Noah and his sons - Ham, Shem and Japheth, and from these three sons came the following races:
Noah's Sons Offspring Descendants
Ham  Cush (Kush) Africa and Arabia races
Shem  Arphaxas (Sheba/Dedan) Hebrew race
Japheth Gomer (Cimmerians/Tarshish) Asia Minor and Europe races

Then with Jacob came the 12 Tribes of Israel: Reuben












Then came Moses, Joshua, Judges and three Kings: King Saul, King David and King Solomon.

In 975 B.C., the 12 tribes revolted and split: 10 Tribes went to the North and 2 Tribes went to the South.  Both Tribes went into captivity.

Next came Nebuchadnezzar II (King of Chaldea) and Daniel (Daniel was the Prophet who worked with King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon through his dreams).  Below is a list of the four Kingdoms revealed by God in Nebuchadnezzar's dreams and interpreted by Daniel.

. Kingdom Ruler Covenant Time Frame
1st Kingdom Babylon King Belshazzar
Nebuchadnezzar II
Old Testament 605 B.C. - 539 B.C.
2nd Kingdom Media-Persia Cyrus the Great   "               " 539 B.C. - 331 B.C.
3rd Kingdom Greece Alexander the Great . "               " 331 B.C. - 168 B.C.
4th Kingdom Rome Caesar Constantine New Testament 168 B.C. - 476  A.D.
From Shem would come the Hebrew race by Abram (renamed Abraham), who would be the father of the Jewish nations.  From the Jewish nation, or Tribes, would come the Messiah, through the Tribe of Judah - the house of David.

Abraham's grandson, Jacob, was named Israel (God's Chosen) and it was his sons by four women, that would make up the 12 Tribes of Israel.  God used 12 because it is His number of Government.

Of the 12 sons of Jacob (renamed Israel), Jacob loved Joseph most.  Joseph later became Pharaoh's first aide, and ruler over Egypt, next to Pharaoh.  After Joseph, his brothers and their generation had died, the Tribes continued to increase and multiply.  There arose a new king over Egypt (the king knew not Joseph and his people) and he placed the children of Israel in bondage and slavery.  It was by this bondage and slavery that God would send Moses into the land to save His people and bring them out of bondage.  It was always sin that had gotten the Jewish people into trouble, and in this sin they were punished by being held captive in slavery.  But because God's love He would send them help.  Moses would lead them to the land of milk and honey - Palestine - the promised land.  Remember, every time the Jews disobeyed or turned from God, Satan took over and sin was the result.  In sin, the Jews suffered, and God allowed the punishment that came from Satan's world.

After Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, he established, by God's command, the Law (Ten Commandments) that they were to live by.  The purpose of the Law was to control the people and guide them under God's Commandments.  The Law was to control sin, and give them a way to forgiveness for their sin.  The Jews, like all mankind, were a fleshly and disobedient lot.  God made a promise to Abraham and He kept it, even though the Jews did not deserve it.  Because of the disobedience, Moses was forbidden to enter the promised land.

Now, the Law was given as a means of control over sin and as a way to be forgiven of the sin.  The Law was never intended to end sin, it couldn't.  That can only be done when Satan is put into the Lake of Fire at the end of the world.

The method by which the sin was to be covered was through the blood, the blood of animals (an animal without blemish - the best one), was called the sacrificial lamb.  Why the blood?  ....because blood is the life of all things, animal and human.  Without blood there is no life.  When sin is committed there is death to the life of that person in a spiritual sense.  The death is the punishment due to sin.  If God demanded death every time the Jews sinned - there would be no Jew left - for all men sin - we have a sin nature from Adam.  So, in God's love, He required the sacrifice of animal blood instead of human blood to cover the sin.  When the animal's blood was spilled, sin was covered and God could then see the blood of life - not the sin. He would then forgive the Sinner.  This Law of Sacrifice was to continue until the promised Messiah would come and replace the animal sacrifice.  Christ would then become the blood sacrifice for all mankind, for all their sins, forever (1 John 1:29-36, 1 Peter 1:19, Rev. 5:6-13).   God, knowing that man could not even keep the Law and would still sin, as we do today, made it easy to be forgiven, He sent His Son to be our sin cover.  We place our sins under the blood of Christ.  God now sees His Son's blood and not our sins, when we repent of them.  He made salvation easy under Christ.

Under Moses, there were God's people and His Law that controlled the Jew and their sin.  Did you know that under this covenant, there were no other people saved except the Jew?  They were the only people with blood sacrifice for the covering of sin.  The rest of the human race went to hell for their sin.  That may shock, you, but it is true.  Only the Jew could be saved under the Law of Moses by animal blood sacrifice.

Moses led the people out of Egypt and into the desert.  While enroute, they stopped and Moses went up to Mount Sinai and received the Ten Commandments (the Law or Law of Moses), to guide and control the Tribes.  While he was gone, they made a golden cafe to worship as the pagan world would do. When Moses came down from the mountain, he destroyed the calf and killed the violators.  Because of the sin, the Jews were not allowed to enter the promised land and they wandered for 40 years in the desert until that generation had died.  Soon after that, Moses led the people, and Joshua took the new generation into the promised land.  Now the Jewish nations grew and prospered, as long as they followed God's plan.  They were to look to Him for all things in life.  He was to be their only God.

The Jews were constantly looking for the promised Messiah.  They expected Him to set up His Kingdom on earth and to rule with Him.  The waiting was too much for them.  They rest of the world had great Kings over them.  Theses nations were living in the flesh and appeared to be enjoying this life.  The Jews became jealous and wanted a King also.  God told them that they did not need a King, as they had Him, but no, they still cried for a King....so God gave them Saul.

During the reign of King Saul, the Jews had many problems.  Saul's pride, like other Kings of the earth, got the best of him.  King Saul reigned for 40 years - then followed David who slew Goliath the Philistine.  King David loved the Lord and served Him well for awhile, but like all men, he also sinned and was not allowed to build God's Temple.  David ruled for 40 years and was followed by his son, Solomon, who loved God and was blessed.  God allowed King Solomon to build the first Temple in Jerusalem.  The Temple was used by the priest for blood sacrifice for sin until the Messiah came.  After King Solomon died, there was a revolt of the Jews and they split - 10 Tribes went to the north and had their own King, who was a man of the world and flesh, and 2 Tribes went to the south and kept God's ways.  The Jews were later restored as one, and again, because of sin, they were in bondage to the Babylonians.  This was during the time of the Prophet Daniel, who was responsible for end time prophecy of the Jewish nations, and signs of the 2nd Coming of Christ.

Now, the Jews went through the Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and Roman period.  All during this time, the Jews were under some form of captivity or control.  Between the Old Testament and New Testament time there is 400 years of silence on any major facts of the Bible.

When Christ was born, He began the New Testament and the year started at 0.  He was born under the Roman rule of the Caesar's, which was during the captivity of the Jew.  The Jews did not recognize or accept Christ when He came, because they were looking for a King to take over the world, who would place them in charge of all things.  By this time the Jews were deceived and had forgotten why and for what reason Christ came in the flesh.   It wasn't for a Kingdom, but for the salvation of mankind, through the shedding of His blood on the cross for sin.  For the Jew and all mankind, the law was made complete and finished through Son of God.  All are to now live under Grace which is a gift of God.  No man could continue to live under the Law (Ten Commandments) and be saved.

That is why God, in His infinite love, made it easier for us, along with the Jews, to be saved.......and we all we have to do is to receive it, believe it and live it.

The new Church, His Church, the Body of Believers in Christ, were to be a royal priesthood, Sons of God through Christ, and His shed blood.  We cannot gain it, nor work for it, as we are born again into it, by faith and believing on Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.  There is no longer a need for laws, ordinances, rules or works of holiness.  We cannot earn heaven or work for it.  It is free by just believing and living Christ in our hearts and in our everyday lives.  We cannot find it through a man, a religion, or in the Jewish way.  At this moment, we are in the last days, and Jesus is at the door knocking (Luke 12:36 and Revelations 3:20), so that all people might open their hearts and answer before it is too late.

The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah's coming (Christ's Second Coming), but to the Jews it shall be His first coming, and many of them shall find Christ and be saved.  Remember, the Jews are in God's plan, not man's, and they have been His chosen ones right from the beginning (because of God's promise to Abraham), and they will accept Him in the end.  Jesus was a Jew, as were all of His family.  Prophecy was told to the Jew as a sign of His Second Coming and His Prophets were Jewish.

The New City, New Jerusalem, will have 24 Apostles (Revlations 21:12-14).  A Pope will not rule the New City, Jerusalem nor will any man.  Christ will be the Head over all (Revelations 3:12 and Revelations 21:2).

The Church is the Body of Christ, not a structure or a group.  If you want to see signs of Jesus and His Coming, look to the Jew in his homeland (Israel), not as a Christian nation, but as a Zionist nation.  They killed Christ and will pay, but a remnant will be saved and will be Christians in the last days only.  Those that are in the world are lost and cannot be saved without Christ the Messiah, but they still are a part of God's plan in the last days according to His promise.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.