God's Sword of Truth - The Word

The Greatest Story

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

The Greatest Story ever told on earth has been told, but not many believed it.  The story that was told and must be confessed again is the real and true story of Jesus, the Christ of the Bible.  It's a story as told by God with love....the love for all mankind through His Spirit.


From the beginning of time, as far back as history is known, or told, the Messiah was promised by God to the world; He is our Blessed Hope (Titus 2:13); our Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23); our Sacrificial Lamb for sin (John 1:1-29, Rev. 5:12); our Salvation for all time for Jew and Gentile alike (Romans 2:9-10).  He would be the One and only One Whom the Creator promised.  It was CHRIST JESUS Who would open the gates and heaven for all humanity.  There can be no other who could take His place.  It was done just once and need not be done over and over.

Why was this great Gift given to the Jew by name?  Why are they so important?  Why are they the only race or group of people still in the world today from the old times as told in the Old Testament?  If you read history and the Bible you'll see why.  The Jews are God's chosen people from Jerusalem, a city in the land given them by God.  This land is called Palestine (the Promised Land).

The name Israel means God's Chosen.  The name was given by God to Jacob, grandson of Abraham.  It was given as a name because God made a promise to Abraham through His blood line.  Jacob is the Father of the Twelve Tribes of the Jews because his grandfather kept God's Law on earth.  He had faith in God and loved Him.  It was because of this love and keeping of the Law that God blessed Abraham and his family to come, the Jews.

If you have trouble with the name, Jew, or any problem understanding this, then you have trouble with understanding God and His plan of salvation by His Word.  You see, all Christians become God's Choosen by being born again through Jesus, and hence, Jewish by choice, a seed of Abraham and a part of the promise.  Again, it's God's plan, whether you believe it or not.  We have God's Word on it.


All mankind has sought from birth to the grave peace within, security, to be loved, to have hope, position, and wealth in a world of life in God's creation.  They thought it was to be in this life, in this world (another of Satan's lies).  It's not here, but another place we seek.  The path starts here.  It starts in this life, on this earth, at birth.  The only way to this life was made easy from the beginning; it's all been done for us.  The price has been paid, the path straight, the road narrow.  The one who stops or hinders us is Satan.  He makes it hard, and his tools are the very world and life we are now in.  His objective is the destruction of our souls by tempting our flesh in this life.  The Gates of Heaven are now open to all, but it is by free will and our choice while on this earth that determines whether we go to Heaven or Hell.  It's who we listen to that decides which life we live....flesh or spirit.  From the beginning every person has to choose, to make a free will choice as to whom they shall serve....God or the Devil; this life (the world) or life after (Heaven).  This choice must be made while your life is fulfilled on earth, from Age of Reason (or Age of Accountability) to death.  It's a choice each person makes from the heart, a choice which produces a new life in Christ.  In the beginning you are born in the flesh, in the world of Satan.  In Christ, you are born again in Heaven of the Spirit.  Your life is now in Christ.  You live His life as retained in the Word (the King James AV New Testament Bible).  If you choose Satan (the world and flesh), you take whatever comes in this life, and you reap its rewards in the next, Hell.  The world can only produce evil and sin, for Satan is its prince.  Since he is the ruler, it knows only one thing, the destruction of the soul.  He wants you to lose what he has lost...Heaven and being with God.


If you choose God through His Son, Jesus, your life is not of this world; you are only in it, not part of it.Your life starts in this one, but it's to be enjoyed in the next, Heaven, forever.  You must put total trust in God through Jesus and reach His world by the Son only; there is no other way.  Salvation - you can't earn it, work for it, or buy it.  You can't do anything but use your free will to accept it by faith in the Messiah, under God's terms.

If you seek God and wish to know Him and His path, you can find Him by His Word in the Bible.  The Holy Spirit shall guide whom-so-ever comes.  "Seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you."  Luke 11:9.    God's way is easy, and it's free.  Satan's way is a lie and hard.  There is no reward his way, only trouble, hard times, death and eternal hell-fire.  Every sin has a price.  It's paid for in Hell or under the Blood of Jesus.  It must be cleansed so it can't be seen by God.  Under Satan you pay; under Jesus's Blood its paid for.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.