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By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess



SATAN = The Morning Star (A False Light - A Fallen Star)

The Value of His Name in Greek . . . . . 276 X 2

RELIGION = Beliefs and Practices (A System of Works to Show Faith)

Flesh Walkers . . . The Value of Religion in Greek . . . . . 276 X 2

The purpose of this report is to expose all religions for what they really are. . . . False Agents of Satan

Satan has many different religious teachings....and "fronts" (called denominations) to do his work. Even his ministers appear as angels of righteousness,...."And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" - II Cor.11:14, but in fact are demons of darkness. By their fruits you will know them. Many followers are being led down the wrong path, thinking that they are Christians and believing that they are doing the work of the Lord thru their religious works and beliefs. They all speak with love...they fellowship....they have concern for their fellow-man and their salvation, but in truth....are in apostasy. They do not live by the Word, what is written, and they do not know the real Jesus by His Word. They are ANATHEMA MARANATHA.

Now, if you compare the religious to the Old Testament Jew, you'll see that they are all trying, as the Jew did, to gain heaven by their own righteousness....flesh and works. They have absolutely no faith in their daily walk, but live only by the flesh. Also, if you compare each religion in the world with the WORD and by the HOLY SPIRIT, you would be able to see that they are CULTS. They are of the world....and Satan is their prince.

In the following, we'll take a look at some of these lies and see the apostasy in religion and how it differs from the truth in Christ. If you do your homework, research all religions and compare them to the WORD, you will easily see who is wrong and what light they are following.

On a personal note: In my early years of seeking Christ, I joined many religions and found that all their teachings were false and their beliefs led to confusion. None were the same. When I read the Word and compared it to the religious structure that I was attending, things just did not add up to the teachings of Christ as HE taught us to walk in this world. I'm sure you'll recognize the following: CHURCHES OF MEN TEACH: The Law, Giving of Tithes, Having a Membership in Their Denomination, Fellowship, Works, Patriotism to a Worldly Government, People Having Rights, Voting for Your Favorite Politician, Resisting Evil, Fighting for Your Loved Ones, Serving Your Country in War if Needed, and, they say You Have the Right to Kill in Order to Defend Something or Someone. Now, do you reallybelieve that these are the teachings of Christ? Who is it you want to believe? MAN OR GOD? Well, it didn't take me long to see the truth in the WORD OF GOD....and how man has his own (MIS)interpretation of the Word. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher of all men....I COR.2:13..."Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual"....if they want to know the truth. By following the Holy Spirit (and not Satan's Anti-Christs) you'll find that this is the only way to peace in Christ.

You can drip in surface love....raise holy hands....praise the Lord....pray....read the bible....go to church....do good deeds, and have fellowship with all religions, BUT....if you don't have the REAL CHRIST, know the REAL JESUS...you have Anti-Christ and the Lord does not know you. Not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter...we must live it every day as the WORD AND SPIRIT guide us.

The following are just some of the religions that are in apostasy and appear to us as angels of light:

ASSEMBLIES OF GOD - Law keepers - a religion founded by man.

BAPTISTS - False doctrines - a religion founded of man.

CHURCH OF CHRIST - All types, false doctrines of man.

EPISCOPAL - False teachers, a religion founded of man.


LUTHERAN - All types - false doctrines of man.

METHODIST - False religion, law, of man.

PENTECOSTAL/CHARISMATIC - False doctrine, of man.

PRESBYTERIAN - False doctrine, law, religion of man.

ROMAN CATHOLIC - 666, Anti-Christ, false prophet.

UNITED CHURCHES - False religion, law, of man.


Any religion founded by a man, established by his belief/doctrine as he so teaches is not of Spirit as the Word teaches.

The above mentioned religions have a righteous-appearing man as head or leader who appears to have surface works. He sets the rules and guides the group, and the members must follow their leader and depend on that person's teachings for their salvation. These false teachers believe that there are many doors to heaven or to God. Why, they can't even walk together, as they don't agree on the Word as written by the Holy Spirit. Who do you believe....man or Jesus. The Word is God.

No matter how much or how often they profess Christianity or God, they are not Christian nor do they know my Jesus. Not one of these 'religions' are in heaven.....they are enemies of God....it is written...it is so. I am not the author of this, just the voice who cries out a "warning", warning the world of sin and the punishment to come very soon. I am a witness of the Holy Spirit, and I have been shown the truth as it is written...not for man's glory, not for mine, but for the Lord's glory.

Those who love this world, the flesh, and fellowship with it, are as the Word states "enemies of God". Do you know what this means? It means that there is "no middle of the road", not being luke-warm, only HOT OR COLD." Which are you? Do the people who you come in contact with know that you are a Christian, as the Word states? Are you salt to those around you? Only you can answer these questions!

Let's look at some of the false teachings of the religions of man. There's not enough paper to cover all of them, but I'll cover some of the previously listed ones. Does the religion teach the law, rules, doctrines, have guide lines to get to heaven? Do they keep the Jewish Ten Commandments? Do they teach that you have to have works in order to show your faith? Do they teach that you must tithe? Must you have a membership in their church? Are you required to attend the assembly? What about patriotism to a system....government....get involved and request that you vote (maybe even tell you who to vote for). Some religions want you to march against sin.....fight evil....take up weapons and protect those you love. War is justifiable in their eyes when it comes to your country....you have to be a good citizen. Isn't it odd that each religion has it's own road to heaven...even some believe in many gods, or even that there are many different bibles containing the Word of God....get that? Not just one bible as the Word states, but they want you to take your pick, read the Bible that reads the easiest.

Do they have holy books, golden tablets, statues, idols, beads to pray by, priests, nuns, holy people, a bread god? I'm sure you know that none of these are Christian nor of the Lord. These are cults, and are all of the devil. There are no special days to keep, no sacrifices, no worship service, no special saints made so by works. All Christians are saints by the Grace of God and this is His gift through Jesus Christ.

Do these religions teach "once saved, always saved"....or water baptism for salvation...or do they say that women are equal to men in the church? Women are equal in spirit, but not in the flesh due to the sin of Eve in the garden. She was deceived first and sinned, and then she deceived Adam.

The following are some very important facts to keep in mind....use it as a guide....it's a test for salvation, it's from the Word and has nothing to do with man.

1. It's a free gift from God, you cannot earn it or work for it.

2. Believe on Jesus Christ, LIVE your faith in Him, not practice it.

3. Repent of sin. Be honest...we are all sinners.

4. Be born again of water (Christ) and the Spirit.

5. Remember, you do not deserve salvation or to be saved because of sin and our sin nature.

6. You can't work for salvation thru words, and practice religion.

7. Know that you are saved by Grace because of the love of God.

8. You are born again into a spiritual body, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

9. Hate your sin and all sins of the world....it offends God.

10. You love all of the Lord's creation.

11. You are a peace maker, forgive all of their sins, look to others first and self last.

12. You always look for His coming, long to be with Him.

These are the last days as we know them....(not the end of the world yet). There is still a thousand years of Christ's reign on earth as King of Kings. But, we, as Christians, are an underground group, a spiritual body waiting for the Holy Spirit to take us out of this life in Rapture. Some Christians who find Christ after Rapture will be put in prison, even lose their life for their faith in Christ. Remember, you die for your faith, you don't fight for it. You will be hated for your faith, for His Names sake. You are to be salt. Do you know what salt is? It means you do not go along with the world and its ways. You don't walk with them in the flesh....you are in the world, not a part of it. You must not do as they do nor love anyone of the world. This world is evil and is of Satan. He is the prince of the world for now, he is in control for a short time while the Lord allows it, 'til His return to the earth. Your citizenship is of heaven, not of this world or life. Can you understand this? You MUST REBUKE, WARN AND EXHORT the people of the earth while there is still time. Always follow your heart and not your own understanding, or what religions have told you. Forget all and everything that religion has taught you. Even as I write, test the spirit of who I am. If your heart is open and the Spirit is your guide, you will know the truth and you shall know me and the truth of what I speak of. Follow your heart in this matter, not what looks good to the mind or flesh.

All truth comes from the WORD OF GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT...."Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." - John 17:17. Satan is real. He is a fallen angel. He wants you to miss heaven and doesn't want you to be with Christ forever. He (Satan) has already lost it all. He does not play games or give second chances. He can kill you and your soul.

You cannot deal with Satan nor fight him on even ground. You are no match for him or his agents. You need the Holy Spirit on your side, then Satan cannot touch you. He can only oppress you from the outside. That means, tempt you, as he did Jesus while he was on earth....Read Matthew, Chapter 4. He (Satan) tempts the body in the flesh. He cannot touch your spirit in Christ.

Here are a few ways that Satan tempts us: If anyone makes you think, or tells you that you are special...well, you are not. If they tell you that you have rights, you do not! If they say, "look out for number one"....don't! If they tell you to protect yourself or a loved one....you don't! The Word does not teach any of these things, in fact, Jesus taught the opposite. You die for your faith in Christ. You die for your friend. You trust the Lord daily for the time He gives you on earth. Do what Christ did while He was on the earth. He gave only love to all. Keep in mind what Christ tells us...."But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause." - John 15:25....and they will hate you also. Does the world love you? Are you a part of it? Can you get along with those in it? Well, if so, then you are already dead....lost forever. You have lost your salt and you are an enemy of God.

Do you keep special days....have special services....go to worship services, etc.? Then you are in a religion of man and not of the Lord. Get out of it now while there is still time. Look to the Word!

Keep in mind, truth has no feelings. It stands alone. It cuts and divides from the world's ways. It is not luke-warm. You do not have to tell people that you are a Christian....they will see it by your fruit. Out of your heart the mouth speaks.

Watch out for honey dripping, soft spoken, holier than thou talkers, or those who say "you can do all things if you put your mind to it." Watch out for ministers, preachers, or priests of all religions who try to guide you by the flesh of the world. They are all angels of Satan. They have no righteousness of their own, they think they do....even to the point of saying that they have special contact with God. Some say that God talks to them and shows them who needs healing or special miracles. The truth and fact is that they use demons and evil deeds. They say that they have visions of healings and they lay hands on people and they faint or pass out. They even have someone behind you to catch you if you faint so you won't get hurt. Now, does this sound like the work of the Holy Spirit? These tricks and methods of emotional theatricals is of Satan and no one else. They are the money changers....they work for a price. Surely you see this!

If you see a true man of Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, look to his life and compare it to the life of Christ. Take a look at the lives of the followers of Christ, how they lived and died and what they taught. Did they warn of sin and Satan? Who loved them? Who were their friends? Were they of the world? Were they active in local government? Did they try and change any government? Did they belong to any special group or organization? Did they live richly in the flesh? It is written, "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" - Matt.16:26.

You were put here only to make a choice....where will you spend eternity...in hell with Satan, or in heaven with Jesus...and in the next life....not this life....as the next one is forever. While you are alive you have a choice, a free will choice, and only you can make it. Surely, not your religion or some man should choose for you!

You are a sinner....you are in the flesh.....you are worth nothing....you are the lowest thing on this earth.....and you have no rights.....you deserve hell. You must be last on earth and everyone's servant. When you can see this and understand it then the Holy Spirit will be able to help you. When you die to flesh and the world, you can be born again, and you can truly start to live forever. You belong to no one...you came from Jesus...you are His creation...His seed through your earth parents who also came from Adam and Eve, the Lord's first seed. We are all one in Christ....but we are not all family...you make the choice.

The Body of Christ is spiritual....not of this flesh or life....but the one to come. Any organization of man, religion or government that is earthly, fleshly and human in any shape or form, is of Satan and is "666". If you can't see it, you are in big trouble and have been deceived by man or Satan. Man cannot gain his own righteousness by works, flesh, or by any means of man and his religion. This wisdom is not from above, but is earthly, sensual, and devilish...and make no mistake, for where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work which comes from below...."For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?" - I Cor.3:3. That which comes from above is pure, gentle and full of love and mercy to all men. The fruit of love is to make peace....not war. There is no in-between...no buts...or what ifs...we have to live every word the Holy Spirit wrote and only He can teach it to you..so listen with your heart.

The gift given by Christ to all of us is totally free. It's a gift given out of His love because we are his creation.. We don't deserve it...we can't work for it...we can't join it...it has no flesh....it's not of this earth. However, He does require us to choose...he does not want predestined robots. He wants our love back...so He gives us a free will choice. If your heart is right, you will know it, believe it and choose to live for Christ from now on. And you won't need man or his religion.

Keep in mind, you may fail at times and Satan may get to you, but don't give up. You're in his world and he wants you back and he will try hard to get you back, but he is a loser. He may win some battles, but he can't have the victory that you have in Jesus Christ. Remember...Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." - I John 4:4. Satan is a loser and a liar. There is no hope in him or his world. Who will you choose to serve? Jesus Christ or Satan?

The bottom line is Jesus Christ, and it's your choice...It's certainly not family, friends, and your life in this world. You are here for a short period....less than a grain of sand. You were created out of love and given a choice. A choice, not of this life, but the one to come that will last forever. Do you know where you are going? Think about forever and ever. That's a long time. There is nothing on this earth that I want,.....nothing but Jesus. Eye hath not seen or heard of the wonders that await you in the next life with Jesus. It is real....it is true....can you see the world of the Lord.....can you see the work of Satan? Where there is evil, there is also good! There is a battle going on in this life...it's for souls that live forever.....who will you follow? There is no second chance...no one to force you to choose. You have been given the way. The Lord has given us all the free will choice...life or death. He has paid for your choice. Have you chosen?

"...For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ." - Rom.14:10. It has nothing to do with what you believe in your mind. No one can represent you or take the blame for your lifestyle...there are no excuses. All are given a measure of faith to find the truth. It has been left for us in his Word. There is only one copy of His Word and it has been written in many languages. If you need the Bible in English...the King James Version, 1611, New Testament only, is the true Word of God. The Old Testament is dead and for the Jew who has a vail over his eyes and cannot find truth in the Old Law of Moses at this time.

Why listen to me! Test the spirit of what I say. Is it in the Word? Who am I? Your heart has to tell you. Who do I speak of? Who do I follow? Do I ask you to follow me. NO! If you come to know my Jesus you shall know me....I come from Him. I was with Him in the beginning and I will return to Him. Do you understand this? It has nothing to do with me. I just found Him and made my choice. He knew that I would...and I won't ever give Him up for anything or anyone. I can stand against the world, Satan and his people. No one can take Christ from me. When I die, or when I am Raptured, I know where I am going. There is no question about it. Why am I so sure? Because the Holy Spirit, Who is my teacher, told me so by His Word and I believe it.

Another warning I want to give to you is to watch out for all the TV preachers with their political minded, wealth grabbing actions, who prey on the poor and lost souls of this life to gain their own worldly riches. The 700 Club, Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, Jack VanImpe, Women Ministers, etc...you probably know them all. They all do the devils work and are angels of light and are the blind leading the blind. They have their reward. Check them out against the Word. They do not know my Jesus. They are the money changers in the temple. They sell religion and have a fleshly way of life. They are trying to hang on to this life but they are lost forever. How sad! The Lord shall say to them....I know you not. They have been judged already. They have taught a way of life on earth.....not in Jesus Christ. They have taught this life, not the next. They are salt to no one. Their seed has fallen by the wayside. They have tried to save themselves, and it can't be done. The greatest hindrance to godliness are these things: feelings, flesh, and the world as it is. Spiritual life is based on a Biblical structure and foundation of Christ through discipline to the Holy Spirit.

By your faith and life in Christ will you have works....and out of your heart let your mouth speak. If you speak truth, you are salt to a lost world and they shall either love you or hate you. There is no middle of the road.

Let us now look at how Satan and religion, using the flesh, differs from Christianity and the Holy Spirit. There are two natures present in our life. Yes, we all have a body, soul and spirit. The soul is what Satan is after and he uses the flesh and spirit to gain control of the soul. Very few people understand the difference and only the Holy Spirit can show them the difference. And He does show them thru the Word of Christ. While you are alive the flesh is strong. Why is this so?...because of the sin of Adam. He gave up his right to what God gave him, the earth at his creation. Adam in turn gave it to Satan when Adam believed his lies. Satan has the earth now. However, Jesus reclaimed it when He died on the cross and will take control at His second coming. Without sin nature and Satan there to push us, we fail a lot. Satan applies pressure from outside the body....he uses oppression...he uses the flesh of life...he uses things of the world that are here for pleasure....he uses sight, feelings, etc. Our present life is his ally. We are here and alive. We are influenced by daily events. He uses our experiences. There is a reaction to our walk of life each day on earth. We gain knowledge from it. It effects our choices. Other people and their choices even affect us, as our choices affect them. We are effected by social standards...we all want to fit in..go with the crowd...no one wants to be left out. There are standards to life, and guess who sets them....yes! Satan! He knows what's at stake and he deceives us as to life's choices. He tells us there is no hell....no punishment...nothing to worry about if we make a mistake. After all, no one is perfect....we've all heard this saying (Satan's), haven't we? This way we can live any way we want, believe in what we want, follow who we want...look out for number one. In the end, Satan wins, you lose. Satan has control. He has no other purpose. He wants souls with him in hell. He has lost and wants you to lose also. In Christ you win....but you have to choose and live Him (Jesus) every day that you have left. Be hot for Christ! We have all the help we need in what the Lord has left us...the Holy Spirit and the Word...they are still here. If you seek, as I did, you will find, as I did. You need no man or his religion, as there is no such thing as holy men. "As it is written, THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO, NOT ONE:" - Romans 3:10.

The Lord will not force us...He takes us as we are and forgives us. He has made a way for us...He has paid the price for our sins...past, present and future. All know what is right or wrong...good or evil...Satan or Jesus. What you do with it is your choice. A lot of my family members are going to hell. I'm not going with them. I choose the Creator, not the creation. I love His creation, and those who love Him are my family, and heaven is my real home. It's there that I want to go when He calls me. While on this earth, my purpose is to cry out against sin...to warn all who hear or listen. I am the Lord's witness.

Keep in mind that the flesh has an appetite for sinful lust...it craves the things in this world, it wants things now...and when you get what you want you die a little in the spirit and Satan wins. If you want Satan to win, keep doing what you are doing in the life you live. If you die (i.e. crucify the flesh) in Christ, and are born again in the Spirit (anointed by the Holy Spirit), you shall surely live! I am at peace with the creation of God and I love Him and I love His creation.

I know, again you ask, who are you to know or say all this....what makes you an authority? Let's put it this way.....I am from the Father, I am ADAM, NOAH, ABRAHAM, JOHN THE BAPTIST, I am a witness of the WORD, by the Holy Spirit, Who Jesus left to teach me. The FATHER and I are one. I came from Him and shall return to Him. I am His grace, His blessing, His creation...He knew me before I was born. I am a part of His body, the body of Christ, we are all ONE and it has always been so. If you understand, you are also one and you know me and who I am in Christ. We shall be one together in heaven soon, I pray. The world needs Jesus now. Come soon Lord Jesus. Then I can truly say..........THE END.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.