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Rapture vs Second Coming of Christ

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

The Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ are not the same events. The Rapture is when Jesus comes in the air for His Church, but His feet will not touch earth. The 2nd Coming is when Jesus comes back to earth and His feet stand on the Mount of Olives.


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Scriptural Reference
Second Coming



Scriptural Reference
Body of Christ or Saints meet the Lord in the air
I Thes. 4:17
Christ returns with Saints at Mt. Olives (Israel)
Matt. 24:29, Rev. 19:14,
Living body of Saints are translated
I. Thes. 4:17
Christ establishes His earthly kingdom
Matt. 25, Rev. 20
Christ / Saints to heaven
John 14:1-2, I Thes. 4:17
Christ remains on earth & reigns as King of Kings & Lord of Lords
Rev. 20:4
Earth not judged - sin continues .. Earth - sin is judged
Matt. 25:1-46, Rev. 19:11-12
Rapture is before day of God's wrath
I. Thes. 1:10 & 5: 9, Rev. 3:10 & 6:17
Second Coming is after God's wrath (tribulation)
Matt. 24:15
Imminent event John 14:1-2, Titus 2:13 Follows signs ..
Revealed in New Testament only .. Second Coming - prophesied in both Testaments (Old & New) ..
Concerns only saved this Church Age .. Deals with both saved & unsaved
Matt. 24, Jude 14, & 15, Rev. 19:11-21
Only those in Christ affected
I. Thes. 4:13-18, I. Cor.15:20 & 15:58
Man and Satan(& his host) affected - Satan bound
Rev. 1 thru 3


All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.