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Pestilence, Famine, Disease - Aids

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

AIDS alert

Epidemic spreads - new reports confuse millions!

June 1, 1994


They're lying to you about AIDS

What you don't know CAN hurt YOU...it can KILL you!



Is AIDS a medical plague of epidemic proportions or a disease made by man for "whatever" mad purpose. Could there be other reasons, other causes? How long has the deadly virus been with us? Where did it come from? Outer Space, Africa, Monkeys, or Bugs, or other animals, or did it come from the human side, the Homosexual and his act of sodomy?...which is SIN!

Could it be a disease, PUNISHMENT FROM GOD,.....one of the deadly plagues written about in the WORD OF GOD,FOR THE LAST GENERATION OF MAN?Even the Religious can't make up their minds on this subject, some say it's not of the Lord, but I say it is!

Why has the government stayed away from the problem? Do they know the answer already? Little money has been spent on research. A dire warning came from the National Academy of Sciences last week as it branded the Federal Government's efforts to educate the public about acquired-immundeficiency syndrome "WOEFULLYINADEQUATE", and called for leadership from the President and a massive infusion of new funds to control the disease. Why is the fund raising been left to Hollywood movie stars? Why is there no cure, what is this virus? How does it keep changing and how does it show up attacking many different parts of the body and always in a deadly manner?

Can AIDS be transmitted? How, when and by what method? Is it a sexually transmitted virus only, or can anyone get it? Why do Homosexuals fear the truth coming out on the virus or its cause? Why the cover-up? Is this a true social disease or in truth a SIN-caused disease? Questions, questions, questions, and more questions. Can there be answers, easy answers? What are some of these answers and the facts to support them?

I've found that if you're really interested, and you should be, there are facts and many answers and ways to find them. For almost ten years, I've kept records and articles on AIDS. The file is quite large. There are obvious, easy answers if you can see them. I'm not looking any more. I've found my answer. Skepticism and confusion are gone. It is not a fabricated epidemic. It is real and we have not seen the worst of it yet. The epidemic has just started. It shall kill more than the Atom Bomb, more than all the Wars, more than all the Plagues that have come. Only the return of Christ shall stop it, that is a fact! Right now a lot of people are ignoring it. Many are hoping that it will go away and alot of people think man shall find a cure. None of these will come to pass.....It is a FACT!

I realize, if you're interested enough (as I was) and really want to know the facts, the truth will set you free on the subject. It cuts through the lies and confusion, it deals in facts for what they are, and can't be hidden or changed or altered. There is a cause and effect. Truth has a BIBLICAL way of cutting through darkness.

What I am writing about is from my research and study over ten plus years from many sources: Newspapers, Magazines, Government Articles, Religious Writings, Medical Research Papers, etc. Not only did I look to human causes, but to Biblical reasons for this deadly plague. The answers I've found are simple, apparent, reasonable and clear. If this is a true plague and there is no cure and it came from sin, then we know GODLY punishment cannot be cured. FACT: No one has found a cure nor will they. There are many medical facts to support that. There is no hope in man solving this, no matter how hard they try. Many will give up or already have done so. Is it possible the government knows this or has been told the truth and is afraid to tell because of the fear and panic that it may cause? Their fear and panic is admirable, even logical, but very misleading.....in the end it will be worse. I can understand the reason for the lie. Look at it openly. If it is a plague, and as history reports, plagues are never cured, only controlled to a point. The Bubonic Plague, Small Pox, Typhoid, Cholera, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Syphilis, Gonorrhea are still here, and by the way, all are on the increase, especially in this last generation. However, this plague, AIDS will get worse and it won't be cured and there's nothing anyone can do about it except to be ready to die and meet your maker. You shall be judged. Bottom line, you can't fight it! However, it's not the end. If your soul is ready, it's only the beginning of a beautiful life with the Lord in Heaven. Now back to Earth - the Government lies to cover their panic. They hope it will go away or someone will find a cure. As long as they don't have to pay for it, like the Leprosy problem in earlier times, the victims were placed in camps or on an island. However, there is no camp or island big enough for the AIDS problem. It is reported, by the year 2000, all the human race shall be infected with the virus.

Yes, Scientists, Doctors, Government people are worried about the AIDS virus. There is fear, misunderstanding, a great lack of knowledge which all leads to panic.....but it's too late! They say, use common sense, whatever that is. Why can't we tell the truth or is that too simple? The Government says "we can't trust the people"...."They don't know what's good for them!"...."Besides, we do it for their own good". We know better! Have you ever heard that before? They're saying it's merely a disease,and as such, reasonable precautions need to be taken. More white lies! All victims must know all the facts, they have a right to know for their own medical reasons. The public should be told for their protection. Lies do discriminate against all and that which is evil and a sin.

As I have written previously, the Government, Medical and Science people who hide the truth are satanic and evil. It only leads to lies and more lies, then on to fear and confusion, ending in mistrust of anyone. Most Governments don't really know what to do because of all the confusion and lack of knowledge on the subject. I can tell you this, it will not go away. Watch and see! There is only a BIBLICAL answer to the question and there shall be few who find it in time. The Biblical answer is......it shall be done away with when Christ returns to rule the earth.

How is AIDS transmitted? Well, you can't hide truth, it overcomes panic and gives knowledge. Here are some facts: 1. You don't need sex contact to get the virus. 2. It started with the Homosexual and his sin. As far back as Sodom and Gomorra, that is a fact. 3. All those who have died, from then and up to the discovery of AIDS and H.I.V, were listed as having died from some other disease or unknown virus, many given for direct cause as Respiratory, Liver, Kidney, etc....but, in fact, may have been caused by H.I.V. due to AIDS virus as we know it today.

Heterosexuals can spread the virus in many ways; by sex, anal intercourse, vaginal - penile intercourse, and oral sex. Keep in mind, the virus is carried in blood, semen, vaginal fluid, saliva, tears and sweat, mouth to mouth kissing, cuts, sores or even abrasions on the penis.

AIDS is a virus of the GONORRHEA family, a Venereal Disease and it has never been cured. We know AIDS has caused the return of TUBERCULOUS (T.B.) and you can be in the same room with the patient and catch the virus from the air you both breath. Keep in mind, you don't die from AIDS but from what it does to your system. It attacks your immune system. If you live with an AIDS victim, it's a matter of time before you will catch the virus, through the many ways listed previously. There is no reason to be ignorant of the facts and truth. These can only set you free! No doubt, no fear, no unknown. To be in the dark is only confusion and the work of the devil. The Lord shall not allow the world to be killed off by a virus or plague, and you have HIS Word on it and that's a fact! There is hope in Him. Being informed can be a help and make a difference in the way you live and die. A better way of life and hope!

This writing will upset many. Maybe even shock some. Who is this Guy? Well I'm no one, so don't worry. Maybe I will help to put some on solid ground or get them to check something out for themselves. I'm in the truth business! I'm just giving you some facts, cutting through some darkness and lies of Satan and his Governments and Religions. Some of the Medical people know what's going on. Very few people in the world know what to believe. The easiest way to see it is; its AIDS. Its here and its growing and there's no cure.....FACT. They will not find a cure. There are records and facts on the subject. They are being published and reported, of people catching the virus in the ways I have shown you. I have files, names, locations, how and the when's. If I can get them, so can you. If you are interested, and you should be, get busy and check it out.

People are so gullible and easily led. They are lazy and only hear what they want to believe, and want someone else to do their research for them...like I'm doing. They would like it to go away and think that it can't happen to them. There are honest, sincere people who believe in men in high places whom they trust. But these men are lying, like the Government, and the honest people quote them or follow them without checking it out for themselves. They look to the man's credentials and position, and think he is right. Some of these men have reasons for not telling all the truth, such as government influence and control. They say they are protecting us from harm or panic, and that it's for our own good. Hogwash!!

Condoms or testing shall never stop AIDS, but truth will. Keep in mind, the AIDS virus is changing and new strains are showing up. Many have tested negative by blood results but still come down with the virus and they wonder why. The virus can now hide up to fifteen or twenty years before showing positive. They will never know all there is to know about this virus....there is not enough time.

This is not an emotional issue. It's not an academic problem or even a time to bicker or argue as to who has it or how they got it or why. It effects all humans alive today. It's a spiritual issue, it's sin, and a punishment issue. It's a way of life issue. The Second Coming is about to happen. It's as never before, nor ever shall be, the Wrath of GOD about to be poured out. It's not a celebrity issue or how big their name is or who has it....it effects everyone. All AIDS victims will die - FACT! Who is helping them get ready? They are going to meet the Judge for the eternity they live in after death......it's forever! Are they ready? I'm a voice who cares and I am crying out. We are all God's children. We have all sinned and need to repent no matter how or when we die... FACT!

Again, I say, it's nothing to do with being mature about it. It's not a communicable disease, it's not a matter of bigotry against Homosexuals and their activity, but against their acts and way of life against the Word of God. He shall judge them and no man can change the Word. I'm trying to warn them while there is still time (and its running out). The Lord has allowed Satan to use pestilence, famine, plague, against sins of the world, and the sinners. Satan is trying to get all the souls he can to share hell and the Lake of Fire with him. It's more than safe-sex, AIDS is not one disease, but a wide, large assortment of opportunistic infections, maybe even more then we can count.

Remember, as mentioned before, AIDS patients typically die, not from the AIDS virus but from H.I.V. of the body system. There are many causes and they work independently or together with: Pneumonia, Kaposis Sarcoma, Cancer, Cryptococcal, Meningitis, Toroplasmosis, Diarrhea Candida, Lymphadenopathy-Glands, Cryptospotidiosis, Intestinal Problems, Herpes-2, Dementia, Clyomegaovius and T.B. Sensitive new technology has disclosed that the AIDS virus hides in 100,000 times more cells inside an infected individual than previously thought. A finding that helps explain why the virus is so devastating, scientists reported this on May 22, 1992, in the New England Journal of Medicine. They detect the virus in far more white cells and as the patient's illness worsens, more cells are infected and death is the end result.

If there's one thing for sure, its Medical Science, its Doctors, Professors and Researchers will not all agree or even know all there is to know about the virus. There is no scientific answer. Don't look to them for it. I told you the answer, SIN, SIN, SIN, and it needs repenting. Sin is a virus! A deadly disease! It's real! It has causes and can be spread to all humans. There is a cure for it.........JESUS! You won't find it in man's way! If you know my Jesus, you are ready and have found the answer to life. Eternal Life. I pray I've helped someone. Blessings to those who read with their heart.

Love, a Brother in Christ.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references..