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The Old Testament, is it for Today?

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

Some of the topics we will cover are: Who wrote the Old Testament (O.T.) and why? What was some of the history as known in the King James Version of the O.T.? Why was the O.T. added to the K.J.V and how? Is the O.T. for today? Does it have any purpose? Can we be saved by it? Are there any O.T. Jews alive today? Which books are closed and why? Conclusion and remarks.

We are going to look at all the topics listed with an open heart and let the spirit guide us! We will show how men, with the help of Satan, his false religions and false gospels, are deceiving self-righteous people with white lies and false fellowships. They are still doing a good job of it today, and as the Lord has warned, they are coming together in a false love with many different doctrines which they do not agree in truth.

Satan has many religions and many angels of light to choose from. He has something for everyone! We all look at how and why Satan is still doing this today...more than ever. It all began in the Garden of Eden, when Satan deceived Eve, and then through Eve, Adam was deceived. Through lies Satan has kept the flesh alive. He has, by the Law, kept sin alive and all eyes off the true Jesus and what He has done for us in Grace. It is not by our works, less we boast of our deeds and how we saved so many in our altar calls and meetings........PHONEY!!

Satan’s plan is a simple one, he is a master and father of lies. He has many disciples and angels of light who deceive confused souls in the world. He has our flesh and our sins from our sin nature which came from Eve and then Adam. Our sin nature is Satan's greatest ally. Humans are ripe for any lie to make life easier for us. Our flesh wants the easiet way.....always, it’s too hard the other way.........What a lie! If Satan deceived Eve, then Adam, and they were the first and greatest creation of the Lord, then he can handle any human very easily. Satan was God’s greatest angel, the "number one" in heaven, who by free will,......fell.

What I write shall upset many religions and their leaders. I hope so! The religious infidels need to be shocked into the truth and I do care enough to try. I write to all who say they know God or the Lord Jesus, but in fact, they do not. What they really know is the Anti-Christ of Satan. They say great words and do many fleshly deeds in the name of the Lord, but in fact, they know nothing of the true Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They have many bibles, all different and each new one fits their needs better, which, have in fact, changed the Word of God, and those who read them shall pay the price.

They say they are led by the Spirit and are called of God, but which one? They are confused and know not the true Lord Jesus because Satan has done a good job on them. Try and tell a Jew that they killed the Messiah as well as His holy men (the picked apostles). Tell religions of today, that if Christ came again they would kill Him again. It will not be any easier for me, I expect it, I am ready! What I write will cut many to the quick.....good! Because truth has a way of doing that. The word is a two edged sword and it cuts and divides. The battle is ours, and by the way, it has been won by the Lord on the Cross. I will cut the crutches of Satan’s religions, their buildings of worship, their altars and their false teachings! They have never been on solid ground against the real Word. Satan has tried to keep the Law and Sin before us, from within the Old Testament, Ten Commandments, and the Old Covenant of the Jews, alive.....thus the flesh, always present, trying to keep our eyes off Jesus and what He has done for us in Grace and Love. Satan has kept you in bondage to dead works, flesh, worship service, laws, rules, tithes and offerings. And they say "don’t rob God", so they can get your money. All false teachings, and on and on it goes. Who has bewitched you? He has lied to you as he did to the Eve in you. We will look at the works of Satan and his plan to deceive man by his word. I will let the Holy Spirit guide my words as a teacher of the word of God by the Spirit. We will see what Spirit guides you in your learning and understanding. Use your heart, not your head! Start fresh and with an open heart. Forget what religions have taught you!

The Old Testament (O.T.) was not written until the Jews were named "ISRAEL", in Hebrew, the name means "Chosen", or Chosen ones’. It was they, inspired by the Holy Spirit, who wrote the early books, possibly Moses. The O.T., the Chronicles, were given by the Spirit to establish a relationship with the people of Israel. They were a chosen group because they were the only ones at the time who believed in God, by faith, though it was open to anyone who was seeking God. Some of the works, originated as a body of oral and written tradition of the Jews, and the works were dated from approximately as early as the 12th Century, B.C., whose formulation continued for a thousand years. None of the originals or autograph-documents are known to have survived. (Note: Satan knew this and he has tried to keep them alive by writing the Dead Sea Scrolls, written by his angels of light). They are phony and have no bearing on truth of the O.T.

The O.T. originals have, by the Word of God, vanished away and for a good reason, as we will see. It is the reason for this writing as a warning.

With the exceptions of a few passages in Aramaic, the O.T. was written entirely in Hebrew (language of the Jews). About the 6th Century, B.C., Greek texts came into being with the most famous being the early Greek translation of the Pentateuch, or the first 5 books of the O.T. called the Torah (Hebrew) or the Law, called the Septuagint, named for the 70 elders of Israel. Mentioned in history as companions to Moses, the Lords appointed one to Israel in 250 B.C.

These texts were written by the Jewish scribes for the Jews and Jews only. It was their way of life.....the Law. The scroll of Moses, the Torah, was kept in the Ark of the Covenant. On command of Moses this was done according to Jewish history and only copies were made and read in the Temple with the Original being locked up.

At one point in Jewish history, around the 11th Century B.C., the Philistines attacked the Hebrews near Ebeneyer. The Ark was brought out of hiding to aid in the battle against the enemy. Despite their fear of the power of the Ark, the Philistines routed the Hebrews and captured the Ark. (Note: keep in mind, this was allowed by God because of the sinful ways of the Jews at that time).

The Philistines kept the Ark for Seven (7) Months and because of the many disasters it caused them (sickness and plagues that followed), the Philistines sent the Ark back to the Jews in Hebrew territory. It was sent on a driverless cart......hitched to 2 cows.

The Ark was then taken to the hills of "Kiriath-Jearim" and remained there for some twenty years, until King David brought the Ark into his new capital city of Jerusalem.

Except for small sections of time, in the reigns of Hebrew Kings, King Asa was one of those kings, that during his reign, much sin and disobedience took place and apostasy set in and spiritual darkness was the way of the Jews. Sound familiar? It was during this period, from King Asa to Josiah, where nothing was recorded as the location of the Ark or the scrolls of Moses, even to the period of Babylon. Ezra, the priest, and his successors gathered the scrolls and copies of texts and purged any errors they thought were there. These copies were used until Christ came on the scene. The Ark and the Scrolls of Moses were never seen in Jerusalem again. Remember, this was the period from King Asa until now. Only those texts copied by unbelieving, unsaved, Jews (the Scribes) were used,and have continued to this day.

Can’t you see that when Christ (the Word among us) came, there was no need for scripture about his coming. He was here. Again, who kept the O.T. alive? Who wants us to keep the Law and take our eyes off Jesus? Guess who, and why! Yes, Satan!

From what we have seen in the brief history section, the scrolls of Moses, the Torah-Law were lost or buried and disappeared some time in the 6th Century B.C. Unbelieving Jewish-Scribes transmitted traditional and oral customs into a Mishna (Hebrew), and a Talmud (Hebrew) which is a commentary of the Mishna. The Mishna (200 A.D.) is a collection of Jewish traditions and the oral law, known as the second Law. The Talmud is an intricate system for transcribing synagogue scrolls. Both civil and canonical law were involved. Then came the Masoretes (Hebrew). They were traditionalists in about 1488 A.D. The entire Hebrew Bible, during this time, was printed for the first time. A third print was made in 1492 A.D. It was used by Martin Luther in his German print.

Hostile Jews deprived the world for a short time of any Hebrew copies until the Greek translation, called the Septuagint, was used during the Apostles time. It is unknown which copies the Apostles used, only the Holy Spirit knows, and besides, He was guiding them to the New Testament writings to be used by us today. The Jews lost interest in the Septuagint about the 1st Century, A.D. due to the fact that the Christians during that time adopted it as their version of the Old Testament and the Jews wanted their own in Hebrew.....from the Hebrew copies, in about 100 A.D. Sound familiar? Why the Christians of that time wanted a copy of the Old Testament is beyond me. The answer, of course, is Satan wanting to keep the Law and Sin alive!

Providentially preserved in the vast majority of the Greek Testament, of the Old Testament, are called The Textus Receptus. It was these texts which produced the King James, 1611 Version in English.

It took approximately 7 years and 47 scholars to put the King James Version into press and it was authorized by a King (the Kings name was James). Remember, he had nothing to do with the translation. Three groups gathered, each in a different location, to do the translation of their assigned section of translation. One for the Old Testament, one for the New Testament and one for the Apocrypha (Greek for Revelations). It was completed in 1611 A.D. and in Europe. As the marginal notes indicate, the K.J.V. did not regard the translators work as inspired, but a trustworthy reproduction of the Word. The Holy Spirit knows. I believe that the New Testament is trustworthy.

The first English Bible printed in America in 1782-83 omitted the Apocrypha (Revelations). Which Spirit were they following? The Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion. There has never been that much trouble in the New Testament or its copies, and we still have these copies with us today. Keep in mind, there is no original copy left in the world of the Old Testament from Moses and none after Christ. We have just the New Covenant left by Jesus. I wonder why? Why did Jesus say, it would vanish away, wax old. I know..........do you? We need only Jesus today. The Old is gone and is of no spiritual value.

Why did the King James translators include the Old Testament and the Aprocrypha in the New Testament copy? Lets see.....Aprocrypha is defined as: 'writings, statements, or accounts of questionable authorship or doubtful authenticity'. Ring a bell? These came from catholic copies, now nice, Rome again! It’s very simple if you look at it with the heart. The devil has always had his angels of light involved in his copies of lies. Satan has a plan of salvation also, it leads souls to hell. His death wish is for all souls to follow him to hell. The writers (translators) of the Apocrypha allowed their flesh to get involved and thier purpose, in their own view, seemed good, but the end results were bad. They did not want to offend the world and its religions. That's called spiritual politics! So they gave them credit and recognition for their phony writings or beliefs. To the Jew they gave the Old Testament, to the catholic they gave the Apocrypha (that fits their religious belief), knowing that it was not canonical, nor any of their other books which they had included. They have another gospel, and another Christ Jesus. They have Satan’s bible, it is not of the Lord, it is written.......they are accursed. We were warned several times by the Holy Spirit about false writings and teachers, and the damnable heresies they would bring in. We have many Antichrists present in the world today. Can you see it?

Does it have any purpose? Does it have any spiritual value? NO! Again, I say NO! It does the work of the devil. It can save no one. It’s a story and history of Jewish SIN. I ask you, can a Jew today be saved under the Law of the O.T.? Does a Jew recognize Jesus as the Christ? NO! Again, I say NO! They killed the first Christ and are still looking for one to come.

God’s plan for salvation in this life is and has been in Jesus Christ. There is no other way and there are not manyroads to Him.......ONLYONE! We find Jesus only through the Holy Spirit Who was given to us by Jesus when He went to heaven to be at the right hand of the Father. It is the Holy Spirit who brings the soul to Christ and teaches us all things. We shall now refer to the "TRI-UNITY OF GOD", who are three (3) persons in one (1), (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit). The three agree as one and are one.

Before Moses, there was no written record dealing with God or telling us about Him, His creation or Life (better still His existence). God revealed Himself through the book of Genesis through unknown writers. Man’s logic believes that it was Moses who was the writer and it came to him by the patriarch’s of old, and by oral tradition. It deals with specific people or special people who were chosen by God because they believed in Him. There is no scientific record or answer of the events. When we look at it, it doesn’t matter. After Christ, we do not need the past, we only need "the now", today. We need only Jesus, one day at a time. Remember, the Jew’s were special at the time, and as we have stated, they or their Grandfather - Abram, believed in God and lived for Him, and followed His ways. In turn, God guided them by His prophets and Holy men, and most were killed by Satan and his angels of light. They were killed because they told the Jew’s the truth and warned the people of sin and the devil, as I do. At that time, the salvation of God was for all men, but most did not want to go His way. They wanted flesh, the world, riches, power, just as they do today. For those who chose God, He guided them and named them as in Hebrew. He called them Israel, God’s chosen. They were not a race of people as thought, but were a belief...a faith. All who look to the Lord God in truth shall be saved. To the Jew first, then to all who say "Jesus is Lord" and they also shall be called Israel. From what you have read thus far, can you now say with me -"No, it’s not for today, it has no bearing on life today, it is past". The past plan, a covenant, was for them, not us, after Jesus the Messiah came and ended the Jewish way of life on earth. Their books are closed, they missed Him.

We are called Christian. This is covered in 11 Cor. 3:1-18, read it. In verse 3, we are in Christ, by the Spirit, not with ink, but of the heart. Verse 6, ministers of a New Testament, not of the letter. In verse 11, that which is done away with, and that which remaineth is glorious. In verse 13, Moses had a vale and could not look to the end of that which is abolished. In verse 14 and 15, can you see it, the Law, the Jew, the Temple, the Altar, the Sacrifice, all history....Gone! 1 Cor. 1:18, we preach the cross of Christ, not of the Law, but by Grace are you saved, keep in mind, it is of God. The power of God is now in Christ, not in Moses, the Jew or the Law. It is written, the Law was never perfect, nor intended for salvation. Don’t let Satan fool you!

In the Old Testament time, under the Law, no one went to heaven. The gates were closed if they kept the Law, and if they followed the Lord God when they died, they went to Paradise which was located in the core of the Earth where they remained waiting for Christ, and that’s why Jesus, when He died, went to paradise to take all, those who were waiting, to heaven with Him. The gates were reopened when Christ took the souls from paradise to heaven. Read 11 Cor. 3:14, 15, and Gal. 3:17-26. Read it all. It’s true, you don’t need a man or pastor to show you.

No one has a right to keep the Law alive. If you do, you do the works of Satan. If you check these things out you would see the truth, by the Spirit, with your heart and it will set you free! There are many who say: "Lord, Lord," but they will not enter, and He will say to them, "I know you not". For not all who say they believe in Jesus really do believe. They do not have a deep rooted faith!

THROW YOUR OLD TESTAMENT AWAY, STAY IN THE NEW. If you understand what I have written, Praise the Lord! If not, you are not one of His, and you don’t deserve to be with Him.

1. SPIRITUAL LAW IS GOOD.  Romans 13:1,2, Matthew 22:21 , Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13,14
2. CAN CHRISTIANS JUDGE THE UNSAVED WORLD BY THE O.T. LAW?  No. No Christian was ever under the Old Testament Law, but they are under Grace 
3. RETALIATION BY THE CHRISTIAN IS FORBIDDEN.  1 Peter 3:9, Matthew 5:39, Romans 12:18-20, Luke 6:27-35, 1 Thess. 5:15, Matthew 5:21,22, Hebrews 12:14,15
4. CHRISTIANS IN A SPIRITUAL BATTLE, NOT A PHYSICAL BATTLE.  Romans 7:23, Eph. 6:11-17, II Tim. 2:4, II Cor. 10:4, John 16:33, Rev. 12:11
5. HOW IS THE WORLD JUDGED FOR EVIL DEEDS?  Hebrew 4:12,13, Romans 14:10, Luke 12:14, Acts 17:31, I Cor. 4:4,5, II Tim. 4:1, John 5:22, I Peter 4:4,5, Acts 10:42, Matthew 25:32-46, Romans 2:16, II Peter 2:9,10


All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.