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The Jew

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

What is a Jew? Where did He come from? Are they a race of people or a religion?

The world has knowledge of them but no one understands them. They don't understand themselves. They are not a race of people but are made up of many races. They are bound together by a common belief, a religion, which refers to a Messianic vision given to Adam and Eve.

They are one of the oldest groups of people, by biblical definition, to survive Satan's holocaust for all humans on earth. To the Jew first, as they were chosen to produce the Messiah. By faith they were chosen by God. In God's plan, because of Abram who believed in God and lived it, there was given a special blessing. Abram's name was changed to Abraham (father of many). He was given a covenant, a promise from God. A covenant, that in time, would produce the Messiah, who would redeem all creation from sin and Satan, and reopen the gates of heaven. A covenant was needed when Eve, then Adam, believed Satan (serpent in the garden) and his lie about eating the fruit of the tree of GOOD and EVIL. God had warned them not to eat of this tree as they would surely die (this was a test of their love of the Creator, they had a free will choice to obey). When they failed the test and did eat of the fruit they believed Satan, and because of this sin a sin nature was passed on to all their off-springs (the world of human creation) to this day.

We will now look at the genealogy from Adam and Eve to Abraham (keep in mind there are no Jews at this point, they come to life later from the son of Abraham). We will start with Adam....he was created in the first year, on the sixth day (he lived 930 years, these are actual earth years).

The following is an over-lay of time from Adam to Abraham. The time period is from 0 to 2123 B.C. (Before Christ).

Adam - TEMPTATION, SIN, CURSE, PROMISE (the Messiah) - Seth - Noah - FLOOD, NEW CREATION -Towel of Babel - DIFFERENT LANGUAGES through the blood line of Shem comes Abraham - Isaac - Jacob (ISRAEL - Hebrew word, meaning "GOD'S CHOSEN"). From Jacob's Judah, the name "Jews" came into being after the Babylonian captivity, from bondage in Egypt to the Exodus with Moses.
The TRI-UNITY of the Jews is seen in the three above, Abraham (the Father), Isaac (The Son) and Jacob (The Spirit).

To explain the Jew further, they were a mixed family group, coming from Noah's' three son's: Ham, Shem, and Zapheth. They produced the blood line from the African, Arabian, Assyrian, and Asia Minor (Europe) nations of people. From these people came ISRAEL (Jew) by the belief in God as passed down by Adam, etc, etc. If you look at past history, we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, we are all related, a people, a tribe, created by God in the beginning. The Jewish governments were set up by the son's of Jacob (ISRAEL), made up of 12 tribes in all. Through Jewish History they controlled life until Christ (the Messiah) came.

Adam 0 - 2000 B.C
Abraham 2000 - 4000 B.C
Christ 4000 - 0 AD
Christianity 0 - 2000 AD
Second Coming 2000 AD

7000 Years Total
From 0 to 2000 B.C., (Adam to Abraham), 2000 to 4000 to (Christ), A.D. 0 to 2000 years (Christianity) there is a total of 6000 years. Add the 1000 years millennial reign of Christ on Earth and there is now a total of 7000 years, which is the completion number of God (See our related articles: God's Spiritual Numbers, everything He does has numeric purpose and Church Age Timeline). Again, we see the Tri-unity; God in creation, Son in Israel, Spirit in Christianity.

After Christ, there was no longer a need for Jews of Israel. The LAW (Ten Commandments) was given for the Jew until Christ. After Christ, we went to GRACE by the blood of Christ. He finished the covenant (old testament) to the Jew and the promise to Abraham. The Jewish question is complete. In Christ, we were given a new covenant (new testament). In the first covenant, made in the flesh, was a blood/messianic line to Christ. In the new covenant we find a spiritual line to Jesus and heaven. Jesus is the line (mediator) to God, a free-will chance to be a chosen, royal priesthood, a son or daughter of God. It only takes faith and belief in Him. If you love Him, keep His Word (KJV 1611 or Authorized version, New Testament) - Jesus said: "....If a man love me, he will keep my words:" - John 14:23.

We are no longer under Jewish Law (Ten Commandments), their rules, ways or teachings, nor can anyone find salvation in them. The Old Testament is dead, vanished, lost to the world. In Christ, all things are made new. Keep in mind, the Old Testament was rewritten by unsaved Jews, kept alive by the unsaved Jew. It was written because of sin, to control sin and the Jew, it was to control the flesh until Christ came. By the Law we know sin, by Grace we know forgiveness and love through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Today, the only true Jew (God's Chosen), is a believer in Christ Jesus, a Christian who accepts that the Messiah-Jesus has come. You can no longer mix Law with Grace, if you do, it's spiritual fornication. The Old Testament no longer has any fleshly or spiritual value, even to the Jew it is a stumbling block. Let it go, keep your eyes on Christ, live Him.

Today no Jew can get to heaven under the Law. Before Christ, no Jew, if saved, went to heaven, he went to Paradise (core of the earth where Christ went after the tomb, to take those waiting for Him to heaven.). Remember, the gates were closed when Adam and Eve sinned. The gates were reopened when Christ died for all men. Today when you pass on, as a Christian, you are present with the Lord in heaven forever.

All we needed to learn about the Old Testament was quoted in the New Testament. We need nothing else to find Jesus. If you can't see this, you have scales over your eyes. If you live by any part of the Old Testament, you are lost, fallen from Grace. Hear this well....no flesh is justified by the Law. In love you are saved by Grace and it is a gift of God. What is told about the Jew in the end times is true, it is set. All prophesy concerning the Jew (144,000), that has not already happened, will come to pass. There is a way they shall be saved in the last days, it is for them only. They are in the Book of Revelations and are a part of eternity.

The main point I'm trying to make is that the Jew of today is a lost soul. He cannot get to heaven, no matter how good he is. He needs Christ Jesus for salvation, this is a fact! Someone has to witness to them (and not to just them only). I'm trying to in this article. I am not a respecter of persons, I give the same warning to all men.

Anyone who fellowships with a Jew, and does not warn them, is an "Angel of Light" and of Satan. Stop tying to keep the Jew alive in the flesh. He has killed the Messiah and should be told and warned who he needs, and he can't find salvation under the Law or in the past history of the Jewish way.

If you put your hand to the plow, don't look back. Keep you eyes on Jesus, warn and rebuke all who do not follow the Lord. The Old Testament is lost, dead, the Jewish story complete in Christ. Their fate is sealed, witness to all equally. Only Christians are in heaven, not races or special groups, just the body of Christ (a family of believers) and we are one with the Father.


All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.