On this homepage, and in the following attached articles, I have tried to inform souls of what I have been taught by the Holy Spirit. During the many years that I have walked in the Christian life, I’ve written from the heart, and in love, to all the souls who will read this material.

     I did not get what I learned from man or his religion, nor did I get it from his customs or traditions, however, it was through the system of false religions that I learned how misguided they truly are in their teaching of another gospel which is not by the Holy Ghost, but by man.

     There are many false gospels and antichrists in the world today as the Lord warned there would be in the last days.

     I would be very pleased and happy if all souls would read the Word (King James Version, 1611 or Authorized Version, New Testament Only) as written and taught by the Holy Spirit. As a teacher of the Word I have always tried to get people to read the Word and live it every day of their life. If, in love, you live the life of Christ, as it is taught in the Word, your life will change and the Holy Spirit will then be able to use you as a witness to a lost world of souls who are deep in sin.

     If you seek wisdom and the knowledge of the truth of God, then do not look to man or his religion to teach you, in fact, forget ALL that they have taught you, for even they cannot agree as to what they believe, for they have a gospel of the world, flesh and good life on earth, which has nothing to do with the life of Christ.

     A true Christian does not have a good life in the flesh on this earth. It is written that through much tribulation we enter into the kingdom of God and are to glory in tribulation, knowing that tribulation worketh patience (Book of Acts and Romans). After Eve sinned in the garden, with Adam following, a sin nature entered the souls in the world. We all need salvation from this sin nature and forgiveness, with a covering (the blood of Jesus Christ) for our sin. We need Jesus Christ, Who died for all men and their sin, but we must ask in faith and believe.

      In this web site, I will explain the subject of true salvation in Christ Jesus. There will be an extensive study in many areas of our life in this world of sin, - Satan’s control over it, - the difference of walking in the flesh and the Spirit, - and how to know the difference which is as night and day. Your eternal life depends on whether or not you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour. I wish to reiterate at this point that I am not the author of what I have written, but the information will be what the Holy Spirit, Who is my guide in all things in this life and on this earth, has taught me. I am blessed and have been given the gift of Spiritual discernment. There is a true meaning to the word "Born-Again", and I have learned what it is and how to live it. I am human, a man, subject to a sin nature, with a body which suffers pain and is growing old, and I am a sinner, saved by Grace, which is a gift of God. I have found that you can overcome the world and the flesh by faith in Jesus Christ. As His disciple, led by the Holy Spirit and the power He has given me, I have overcome the world and the flesh. He (Jesus by the Holy Spirit) now lives in me and I now live by every word of God every day. I know Him and He knows me. If you know me, you know the Lord.

     This new love I have, I wish to share with you and to all who would listen and read with their heart (an open heart). There is no other way! You only get one chance while you are yet alive on this earth. You must choose, for you have a free will, given you by the Lord, to make the choice. Make it today!

Sincerely, the Holy Spirit's Disciple,

Raymond Laginess