God's Sword of Truth - The Word


By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

Who is He, "The great I am", the ONE whom many have asked, "Who are you?". His answer, "I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, the beginning and the ending" - REV. 1:8, the first and the last. Even this.....does it answer the questions - Who is God?....Can we know Him... find Him... be with Him...and how can we be with Him?

Our first and only knowledge of God comes from Jewish History and other records kept from early history passed on by our forefathers. They used rocks, papyrus-material from plants, parchment-animal skin, vellum-calf skin, ostraca-pottery, clay tablets, chisel, pen and ink, etc. It started with Adam and Eve - God's first creation of human life on earth, and their knowledge was passed on from them to their off-spring and then passed down to the generations which followed.

In the beginning, when things were pure and holy (absent of Satan's influence and sin), knowledge and wisdom were present. Awareness of God, as a Spirit, was prominent in the daily life of Adam and Eve and their off-spring. God did talk with them. How do I know this? Because I believe in His Word and in Him and the record He left us, for He created us out of love and did not leave us in darkness. Even though we are sinners, do bad things and live for the flesh, He still loves us and wants us to find Him. There is an appointed time for each one of us (all creation) to give an account of oneself - "So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." - Rom. 14:12. He does not force us, but it is our faith and belief that bonds us to Him so that we are able to fit into His plan.

You can not explain God with words of men. You can not find Him through another man's eyes or belief. It takes a special gift, an inner spiritual blessing, which in fact, can only come from God's spirit if we ask or seek Him. You can only find and learn about the Lord from the Holy Spirit through your heart. The Holy Spirit will give you more than you ask for. He will teach you how to have a stronger faith...how to have more love...how to have more meaning in your life... and then he will teach you how you will fit into His plan while you are on earth. He has a purpose for you if you are willing and allow Him to lead you by the Spirit. You receive understanding to many things in life. As Jesus said, "if you see me, you see the Father, we are one." You, in fact, become one with them. What a way to live! I found it and I'm not going back in the world....in any way! With the Holy Spirit you can understand spiritual truth and have wisdom which is beyond human understanding, or you can have worldly knowledge of men and their reason for earthly human existence. You will have all the answers you need to find the Lord-God, to know Him, to live Him, and be at peace with all. You will live forever with Him in Heaven in the next life to come, if you so choose and believe.

It's amazing how they dig and search, trying to find life, past or present existence, in outer-space. They search high and low, through fossil, bone and mineral deposits, looking above the earth and below the water, and on and on, and all they can come up with is: theory, supposition, a possibility, but never the hard facts. They look everywhere, except in God's Word (the Bible), where all truth is, where all facts are, and where the proof of God's existence is. yet they have spent centuries wasting their time to find the answers about life on another planet (outer space) or this creation, which, of course, will all be burned up at the end of time (as we know it) on this earth.

Another waste of time is the study of evolution by scientists who are looking for answers to man's creation and life on this earth. We already have the answers, why don't they believe it? Most of these men have a form of religion or faith, but they don't really believe in God or His answers. Their hearts are hardened by Satan. All the Lord's answers to truth about Him, life, creation and all the 'why's' are simple and can be found in the Word of God, and ONLY the Holy Spirit can teach you.

There is a way to try and explain the Tri-unity of God, a man's way (not the best) is but a peek at reality in our limited minds. There is a substance, water, which can be explained as a triune mineral. It has a natural state, liquid. If frozen, it becomes ice-solid, if heated, it becomes a vapor-steam, yet all are still forms of water and are one. As we are His off-springs, we also have a tri-unity of creation; a body, a soul and a spirit, and we are ONE in nature or form.

There is one thing to keep in mind, you can only understand God if you know Him. He reveals Himself to His own who truly seek Him and live Him. Your only enemy is Satan, who wants to keep you from the truth and salvation, he wants to keep your heart hardened. Can you possibly comprehend this? If you know the Lord God, Who is the Creator of all things, then what can harm you or take you from Him? They can kill the body, but not your soul. There can be no fear, worry or anxiety in this life, only understanding of life, with peace of soul and control of all events in our life, in Christ. ...."All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." ROMANS 8:28. It is written!

If you are of the Lord you are a special person, a protected soul. The only thing that could separate you from the Lord is: your own free will through which you can give back your salvation, or not ask for it, or not live it as a truth in Christ - you either choose or deny Him, that's it, very simple. You cannot say you love the Lord and do not His Word. If you speak to Him in prayer and do not live His Word - you are a liar. Your fruits or action, or lack of them will convict you. You cannot hide your heart from the Lord at the last judgment.

Knowing the Lord, believing in Him, doing your best to serve Him, knowing you are a sinner-saved by Grace-never giving up, holding fast till the end and looking for His soon coming, living the Word in your heart, being a peace maker, forgiving all who are against you, loving your neighbor, being not of this world....ALL these things are a good way to know that you ARE of the Lord. Read Matthew, Chapter 5, verses 3 through 12.

Again I write, how can one try to explain the great Lord - God, Creator of all things Who is and always was, where nothing can exist without Him and where everything is a part of Him because He is Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father God, who is Spirit, unseen but over all things in creation. The flesh part of God is Jesus Christ, born of flesh from woman, Who was seen and came as a man to save man who sinned in the garden. The Third Person of the Tri-unity is the Holy Spirit Who was sent by Jesus when He left so we would not be alone and we would have guidance in finding Jesus in salvation. This again is God's love for us. If you believe the Word, You have everything going for you, DON'T LOSE IT!

In the past (Old Testament time), God dealt directly with man by voice contact from the heavens. Because of sin, He no longer deals with man directly. You now go through the Holy Spirit to Jesus as there is no other way to reach God in heaven. JESUS IS THE ONLY MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD AND MAN.

There can be no other gods. There are no religious gods, no idol type gods, no Muslim god, no Hindu god, no Buddha god. Satan has given man all sorts of false gods to deceive him. If you don't have Jesus Christ as Savior, you are lost forever and you know not the Lord God, creator of all things, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA.

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All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE
         WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as
additional references.