God's Sword of Truth - The Word

Doomed World!

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

Racing to judgment on a lost planet. Creation of man, six thousand years old, and has but one thousand years to go before Jesus will reign on this earth. And then, the Great White Throne Judgment. Before the last - one thousand years of Christ's reign, the earth must face the ARMAGEDDON which brings on the end of life and creation as we know it. The Lord's time table is on schedule. His calendar of events (the Bible) is about to enter the APOCALYPSE era. During this period, God destroys the ruling power of evil on the earth. He will then rule over the righteous in a messianic kingdom on earth, and these are the saved souls who return with Jesus at His Second Coming, and all those who have not been killed by the Anti-Christ. This is where the spirit and the flesh live together. It's like when Christ walked with the apostles before His ascension into heaven.

Religions, with all their hypocritical attempts at a worldly revival of self-righteous works, will not save the world nor make it a better place to live in under their control. If they truly knew the Lord, they would know man can not save anyone! They would know the Book of Revelations must come to pass. The great falling away is here now, the Seven Church Ages has been complete. We are finishing the last one now, the Laodicea age (which means the civil rights age).

The Lord knows their works, and they are cold, wretched and miserable, poor in spirit, blind and naked. Religion has become the synagogue of Satan. They worship the flesh, life, the world and its riches of the good life. They love the creation more than the creator. Their church buildings fly the flags of governments of the world. They have joined themselves with the Harlot who is the Abomination of the World. Do they think there are many religions in heaven? Many roads to get there? Can two walk together who do not agree? Who do you want to believe? God or Man?

While Satan is prince of the earth, it is under his control, and the evil, lies and sin are his tools. He knows his time is short, and will soon be cast out and he will be bound for a thousand years. His main objective is to blind you from the truth, the Word of the Lord. Again, I warn you, religion is the tool of Satan no matter what name it goes under. If they have a tax write-off with the government, they are of the earth and Satan. There is no building made with hands that is the house of God. Do you understand this?

In the words of the Lord, MATT. 5:18...."For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." The signs given us in MATT. 24, by Jesus, are here now. Look around you - false prophets, iniquity, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, wars, all leading to the Great Tribulation - soon to come upon those not ready for the Wrath of God.

A very important point to remember, this world was never meant to be the final resting place for the creation of God. The body of Christ will have a new heaven and new earth and we will be with the Lord forever and ever. We know all this from the written Word of God by the Holy Spirit. If your group, religion, assembly, or whatever, is trying to make this world a better place to live in, then you are not Christians. This is not from me, but the Word, can you understand?

In MATT. 24, we read of the beginning of sorrows, a special time when the world of Satan shall deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall imprison and kill you. ".....Ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." MATT.24:9. These words are true, they were written for our admonition and information as to what it will be like in the last days. If you have to be shown first, then it is too late for you, and the truth will be hid from you. This may well be your last chance to see the truth by all the signs now being given you. Follow your heart.

If we were not to know the signs, Jesus would not have given us the warnings in MATT. 24, MARK 13 and LUKE 21. The BOOK OF REVELATION, by John - from Jesus, on the island of Patmos in Asia, would not have been written for us. Keep in mind, there is no longer a need for Jewish History or Jewish prophesy. The Jew is predestined, their fate is determined, their end is known, it cannot be changed. In killing Christ their sin was great, and is being punished to this day. The only Jew who is saved today is the one who finds Christ as Savior or is marked for salvation in the Tribulation period. All a Christian needs today is the New Testament covenant and prophesy given to us by the Holy Spirit. All is complete, nothing left to chance. He is the beginning and the end of all things. I warn you again, the signs are here, He has told me so in His Word and I believe God and His Word. I will not change to please man. I stand on the Rock, I am in His ways.

Again, we have been warned in I JOHN 5:19, "And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness." If you are of the world, a part of it in anyway; its religions, governments or politics, or you love its life, I warn you, GET OUT OF IT NOW! As a Christian, your desire is to be with the Lord in Heaven. Be absent from the body and out of this life....as this world is going to hell. As you are alive now, you are in the world, not of it. Do not be an enemy of God by being any part of this life in the flesh. Read JAMES 4:4, and read it well. It is the Lord's answer for us to follow and His Word is true. I follow it to the letter and the world does not understand me or even like me. Good! I'm on the right path and road to the Lord. It's the only way, it is the sign of the believer in a lost world when religion does not like me, in fact, it's the best sign. I'm their salt and I do it in love. I'm a voice in darkness, in a time when one is needed. I pray I do it well for the glory of the Lord. I do care for souls, all souls. We are all God's creation. We all need Him and each other. Thank God there is a better way and a better place coming with the Lord in a new heaven and earth.

Oh foolish man, who hath bewitched you that ye should not obey the Truth of the Word of the Lord. I say to you all who read this, you can not change what is coming. This world is lost, it is evil, doomed, and set to be destroyed by the wrath of God. You cannot delay it or stop it. (See article on Laodicea; last days).

If man were left alone on earth and there was no God in control, in time man would destroy the earth and himself. We have past history to prove it, there is not one thing he has done to make it better. For everything he has done, which on the surface seems good, has a back lash or side effect, some examples: guns - war/ killing each other, auto - exhaust fumes/air pollution, polluted water, etc. For every invention - progress, there's a price to pay, nothing is free, it's a way of life in Satan's world. Look what government has done for the people. Bureaucracy is a system of government to control people and has adherence to fixed rules by non-elective officials to gain total control for their own gain and not for the good of the people.

If you look real hard in all the systems of man, governments, medicine, science, etc., you'll see Satan's hand in it. He is in control and he deals in lies, hate, injustice and evil. He wants your eyes off what Jesus has done for us. Satan wants your life in the flesh, in the world, in problems, trouble, pay backs, get even, revenge and on and on. Can't anyone see this? Everything he offers and has is against the Word. There is a rule I follow, if man is for it then I'm against it. If the world likes it, then I don't. If religion is for it and thinks its OK, then its not. That's the rule. Believe none of what man does or says. Believe in none of their religious teachings, they are all phoney. There is one thing for certain, Satan is a loser, the world is lost, and if you are with them then you are also a loser.

The only weapon I have is the Word of the Lord and the warning of eternal judgment after the Wrath of God is poured out. It is coming soon and it is real and final forever. Can anyone see or understand this? We are born for one purpose, to make a free-will choice as to whom we will serve, Jesus or Satan? You are on your own on this matter. If you seek, ask the Holy Spirit, open your heart and He will show you the truth. Each one of us will stand naked before the judgment seat in heaven. It will be a total replay, a re-run of our life, nothing hidden. We will all be judged by truth and the facts. No one will argue our case nor will any representative speak for us. If one is judged guilty, that one is a sinner and guilty before the Lord. That person will be sentenced for his/her sins. The only hope that anyone has is that their sins are covered under the Blood of Jesus. Otherwise they are doomed as the world is. If you are in that state, you deserve what you will get, you are not worthy of Jesus....that's the bottom line, hard talk, but it's the truth and I care enough to tell you so.

We can not go back, for what is past is gone, but, you can turn around and go another way.....the right way! It's not after the flesh but by the Spirit. I've found it's not easy to reach people and if there is a way, I only know the way of truth.

Most people think that they are good....or are not evil....or not bad enough to go to hell....their life is not so bad, and they certainly do not deserve hell even though they are not perfect.....who is? They think they get to heaven by their own works or goodness......how sad! No one is righteous in their own eyes. Going to church or belonging to a church group or assembly will not get you there either. There is no special church group who can speak for you or pave the way for you. Church goers go to hell. You must live it every day, not practice it once or twice a week. You can only get there by the Lord's way, by His Word and the road He has left us. Do you have a road map? Are you on the right path? If you are, you will know and you don't need this. If you are angry or mad at me, then you are on the wrong road, because if you knew Jesus you would know me.

How do you tell people? How do you warn them as to what is coming, and soon. It's beyond cataclysmic, beyond any momentous, violent event, ready to happen. It is marked with overwhelming upheaval and demolition. Millions shall die, more than were killed in all the wars put together, and all in a few short years. It is a ONE-TIME total earth shaking disaster which shall include the heavens, the stars and the planets above of which many shall fall on the earth. I'm not making this up, it is real and is going to happen, the Word says so. The signs are all here and it to happen soon.

The religions of man, led by Satan, have put people to sleep. They preach a false gospel, another gospel, to give a false sense of security. It's a social religion to blind you to the warning of what's coming. They say there's a lot of time left, and Jesus won't come until the world is a better place, and they preach a revival to come first, and all religions coming together to worship together under one leader. What they don't say and don't know is that this revival is of Satan and its system of religions that will be ruled by the Anti-Christ, the "666" man, and the Pope of Rome, the False Prophet, who will bring it all together. He's working on this now as He goes around the world preaching unity. They are the money changers, selling their books and trinkets, they have mail order tapes, ect. Jim Bakker and Jack Van Impe all over again. They have no concept of Jesus, nor do they know Him. They do not know how to live Christ everyday by dying to the flesh and living by faith alone.

Do not be fooled by these social religions, who have much praying and anointing, and follow the ways of the Niclaitanes whom God hates. For a price, they lay hands on the sick, send prayer cloths, oils and holy water for healing, etc.. They are a religious group who follow the flesh, a corrupt, self-righteous lot, who the Lord will destroy. The Wrath of God is coming upon them soon.

We are warned, I am a single voice crying in a religious world. EPH. 5:15-19, "See then ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time; because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit, fear God." 2 TIM. 3:1, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come," (yes, and they are here now!)

I shall now show you what the churches of today will look like in these last days. 2 TIM. 3:2-10, "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection, trucebreaters, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

To those who know Christ, read verse 10, "But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long-suffering, charity, patience." Especially verse 12, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."

If you are walking in Christ, the above will happen to you.....Are you suffering persecution for Christ's sake? This is a sign that the world will hate you because you are not one of them, nor do you do as they do. AMEN.

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All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.