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Damnable Heresies of Religion

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

About many Damnable Heresies

 My dear friends; I come to you with this article as a light in a dark world. Time is so short, Jesus is coming soon and many are being lost to Satan's lies. You will find that some of these subjects have been covered more thoroughly on this web site, however because Satan has deceived so many people on these topics, I decided that they needed mentioning again.

Damnable Heresies #1

Christmas, and why Christians should not celebrate it. The point of the following is truth, and by the Word of the Lord it is said. The truth will upset a lot of religious people, and I'm not saying this to please men....so let the sword of truth fall where it may. Christmas is purely a Catholic celebration. The words, Christ Mass is their daily sacrifice of pagan ritual. They combine the words, "Christ" (their christ) and "Mass" to make up the word "Christmas".

In 345 A.D., December 25th was chosen as the day for Christmas to be celebrated which was already observed as the pagan feast of Saturn - a day in winter to celebrate and worship the birthday of the sun.

Now, according to scripture, Jesus was born in the fall of the year. But nowhere in scripture are we told to keep or celebrate any such day...in fact, we are told not to keep or celebrate any such day...we are told not to keep any days as the heathen did according to their religious ceremonies. We are told: "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." - 1 John 2:15, and Christmas is a tradition of the world, not of Christ, the Word. You can not serve Christ and keep Christmas. Christ is alive and lives in the hearts of all believers every day......not just one day a year. We have been told, through the Word, that we cannot serve two masters. The Catholic religion is not Christian, but is actually serving Satan and we should be very careful not to have any connection with them or their special days (as Christmas) of worship to Satan. You cannot be lukewarm on this subject, nor can you justify it because you feel and say: "it is ok". You cannot say to yourself, "I see nothing wrong with it, after all it's for the children." The Word states that we are not to lie to the children, but teach them truth. We are not to put a stumbling block before them nor lead them or guide them astray.

Christmas is: A Big Evil Lie! It is not the spirit of Christ in love and peace....but is in fact lies, and leads to hate, crime, suicide and war among families which is the spirit of Satan. You must make a stand on this. There is no room for lukewarmness. We will all stand before the Lord and give an account. Christmas is not of the Lord, Jesus Christ, it is of the Catholic jesus who is the Antichrist. You must use your heart to see this.

The celebration that goes along with Christmas of the Catholic - is their Easter, another of their customs and tradition. It actually comes from the word Ishtar, or goddess of the female. It is Satan's female representation if you will, and has been taken over by their Mary (their mother of their jesus). It is very obvious that the Catholic Christ and Mary are not of the Bible, but are antichrist and a false Mary which belongs only to the Catholic religion and to anyone else who would believe the Catholic doctrine. Jesus warned us, that in the last days there would be many signs of antichrist and those that would come in His name. The christ that the Catholic church teaches about (which has Christmas and Easter) is purely the antichrist of the world. We know that it is not the Lord's celebration nor His teaching, but rather a pagan time, pagan ritual, and a pagan ceremony....which you cannot attach Jesus Christ to and make it holy. It is what it is, false and of the antichrist. There won't be anything more said on these two holidays on this page. It's very obvious, there is much material available for anyone who wishes to study further on the subject. My intent is to open your eyes to things that perhaps you are not aware of, and if you really want to know and are seeking you will find the truth. There are many books written on both subjects with factual statements such as I have made in reference to Christmas and Easter being a Catholic and a pagan holiday. You'll find those books in any library or book store, even articles on the Internet.

Damnable Heresies #2

"Once Saved, Always Saved" - the damnable heresy of the Baptists - a lie to deceive men. A person is born again once in Christ...he backslides many times in sinning daily, but repents of his sin and is brought back. Now he must confess his sin and strive to live holy....and if he holds fast in his or her faith and truly believes in Jesus, he shall be saved. One must overcome to the end, not only by believing, but also by having faith. Many believe in Christ, but they have no faith in Him. Many say they know Christ, but do not walk with Him, they walk in the flesh and mind the things of the world, they love life and the world which is all evil and soon to be punished by the wrath of God. You can not be of the world and if you can live in it and get along with the people in it, then you are of the world. If you are of the Lord then you cannot fellowship with those in the world nor walk with them because you are not of the world but are of the Lord. It's very important that you keep these things in mind. Loving the world makes you an enemy of God...and a Christian is in it, but not of it. You may profess to be a Christian, but your fruits will betray you if you walk by the flesh and of the world and not after Christ.....you are a dead spirit inside. Christ tells us that if the world hated Him without a cause, they shall hate you as well. Here is the truth and a test - Does the world love you? Is there enough evidence to convict you of Christianity? Would you be arrested by Satan's people because of your faith or in witnessing of Jesus Christ? There's no room for game playing, it's for all eternity and where you will spend it. You can't be hot or cold, and surely not lukewarm...it's either heaven or hell. Choose Christ and die to the flesh so that you may truly live, then heaven is your home and your citizenship....otherwise, it is the other way of life on earth, citizenship of the earth, death, and hell forever.

You absolutely have a freewill choice and the Lord will never take this from you while you are alive. You must live for Christ to be truly saved...repenting when you sin and keeping His Word daily, then your faith will be total in Him. "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." - Matt. 7:21. Remember, you can be saved in Christ, but if you do not His will every day you will spiritually die and be judged to hell. You are not "Once Saved, Always Saved" if you say it with your mouth but don't live it in your heart. What you are doing is lying and you are being deceived, therefore Christ knows you not. You can't get to heaven by what you speak from your mouth, it is only by what the Word of God says. Friends and good people do not go to heaven....sinners do, and by the Word of Christ sinners are forgiven when they repent. Don't compromise the Word....and don't be lukewarm living the Word. If you come to Him in faith, believing, trusting and living Him every day, then you are truly eternally secure. "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father...." - Rev. 3:5

Damnable Heresies #3

What is the Church, and what is the difference between the Church (body of Christ-believers) and the Worldly Church (religious churches of men)? - In Scripture (New Testament) we are given many outstanding examples by the Holy Spirit. We have to keep in mind that though these letters of the New Testament were written by many authors, the Holy Spirit was the main Author (Writer). He guided the pens of these writers, and hence we have what we know today to be the Bible, the Word of God.

It's most important to understand that the book known as the Bible (Word of God) is written to each individual. It is a Book that is spiritual in nature....dealing with the walk of the Christian through his Christian life...dealing in the pitfalls....dealing with the deceits of men in the religions of the world....and dealing with Satan's fiery darts. It is a guide, a passport if you will, to your heavenly home and to the place that has been appointed for you. It was given so that we would have the knowledge and truth, not of men, but by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit must be your teacher and all must agree as one. No man can interpret it, no man can add to it, and no man can change it. Hence, we are told in the Scriptures that the Church is the Body of Christ.....it has no bearing on a building made with man's hands, it is the people...it is the living cell of the souls which belong to Christ. It is where two are gathered together He is there. It is a daily event. It has nothing to do with the world and its tax write-off, its tithing, nor its works or fruits of this world. A Church is: the called-out believers...when and where they gather...how they gather, and what they do when they gather. The assembling of this Church is not a commandment nor a requirement of salvation. In the Scriptures we are told, Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together...."-Heb. 10:25, and the primary goal of assembly is to perfect the ministry. That means we assemble to learn and to grow in the knowledge of truth, so that when we live in the world among darkness, among the heathen, we may be a light to them by the Word that we have learned and grown by. You cannot sit in these buildings of men and puff each other up - it saves no one. We must use that Word as a way of life...and walk in truth and light everyday.

As a Christian, you must make sure that when you witness you make known the truth that the Church is the people. I have been asked..."where do you go to church?", and my answer is: "I don't go to church, I am the church...and where two or three are gathered Christ is with us." It's most important, because today Satan has deceived the world and given them many buildings, churches, and religions in which he is spreading his damnable heresies, and these things are growing at a rapid pace.

So, the world 's church, and the Body of Christ (the Church) are separate,....they are not the same...they are not one. Nowhere is a Christian ever committed to any citizenship of a world, country, or religious church....they are to be totally committed to Christ...and nowhere do they get themselves involved in politics, riots,disagreements, marches over abortion, or homosexual rights. A Christian should not be part of this evil, but instead try to witness to the souls of the individuals involved in these acts of evil in the world. Did you know that, in Scriptures, not one Apostle ever tried to change any of the governments, nor did Christ? Not even when He gave them prophecy, that the stones that would be torn down and none would be found one upon another when Jerusalem fell, which after that, no Apostle ever tried to stop that from happening, it happened.

Damnable Heresies #4

Revival in the last days? -The world is and will be in darkness...we are told there is no revival in the last days - "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" - 2 Thes.2:3, but the religions of man continue to preach "revival" when there is none. The new age is deep into a new form, a coming together if you will, of all their false beliefs...these people will greet the antichrist and serve him well, thinking that they are doing God a favor.

In the last days there will be no revival.....we are told that it will be as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah...there will be a falling away, which you saw above in 2 Thes.2:3.....there will be persecution and tribulation. So you have to be very careful of anyone that is teaching you the heresy of revival in the last days. The Spirit will work.....He will be poured out on those who are seeking.....those who wish to know...and those who want to live in truth.

Unfortunately, the problem with the world today is the compromise in the religions of men. In all religions of men the congregation allows their ears to be tickled by the false teachers who do not teach sound doctrine or Jesus Christ of the Bible. The pastors (in sheeps clothing) in these churches are leading their sheep down the wrong path. These pastors are nothing but men pleasers, hypocrites, ladder climbers, always seeking wealth and recognition for themselves, never giving thought for the teaching of truth and Jesus Christ...but are the men who are taking their flock to the pits of fire in hell forever. They have an outward sign of faith, they have the outward sign of their lips moving, but their fruits inside are full of dead man's bones. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." - 2 Tim. 4:3-4. Beware of the deception of Satan which is the power of the enemy. There will be NO revival!

Damnable Heresies #5

Tithing....Another damnable heresy given to us by religion, whose ministers justify tithing to your pastor, church or system, so that you can receive rewards and gifts a hundred fold. Lies! A damnable heresy of the devil. Scripture teaches us that the Christian never tells anyone what the left or right hand is doing in alms giving....not tithing. Alms giving is to the poor, to the hungry....alms giving is doing the work of the Lord 100%.....not 10% or 20%. Tithing is under the law of the Jew....if you are Jew, keep the tithe, but if you are Christian, don't let anyone know what you are doing when you are serving the Lord in alms giving. Let the poor and hungry you see and come in contact with, be fed and be warm. Just think, if all the religions of this world would sell all their worldly goods and buildings, there would never be another hungry soul on Earth. That's how rich they are in the things of the world. You should be able to see that tithe is not of the Lord, and if you live by tithing you shall die by it, and heaven will not be the home you'll spend eternity in.

Damnable Heresies #6

War - Do Christians go to war? Do they fight for their country? The Bible says NO! The Bible says our citizenship is heaven. I am blessed to be in this country to serve Christ and to be a witness for Christ, but this is not my home. This is where I have been placed by the Lord and taught by the Spirit to serve and reach those who do not know the truth. Time is so short, but there is so much warring going on, and the religious people are picking up swords and dying by swords. They are so deceived and are going to be very shocked when they stand before the Lord and find out that what they had done was not serving Him, even if their religion had taught them otherwise. For He has said many times in Scripture, "I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity." - Luke 13:27.

Christians do not kill...Christians forgive and love their enemy. They (the religious) want you to get involved...get involved...write this letter, write to your congressman...march against abortion, sign petitions,....what do they think they are trying to do, change the world? No! Can man save man? No! The new age'ers are trying to build a better world because they think Christ will return to it...but Scripture, the Word of God, says otherwise. And not until Jesus is back on this Earth will we ever see peace...or will governments ever be true. There has never been an American Christian President in this country. No Christian could or would be President of this country or involved in its politics or government, for the citizens would never understand him when he would raise up his Bible in the name of Jesus Christ and say "love your enemy and throw down your weapon and learn to forgive and live with one another and see with your heart and not with your eyes only." No, they wouldn't understand that Christian President, would they? They wouldn't understand that he doesn't need bombs, guns and swords, but that Jesus will defend us all. The Scripture is very clear on these things...the Apostles didn't fight...Christ didn't fight....they laid down their lives.....all of them. Christian means - Christ-like, and getting involved in witnessing, through the Holy Spirit, that Christ died for us and made a way for us....and that what we have in salvation through Him is real.

You cannot serve two masters....you either serve one or the other. If you pick up the Sword of truth, walk the path of Christ and carry your cross, the world will never understand you and they will hate you, they won't want you around. Your fellowship cannot be with them and you can not compromise. If you truly love people you must tell them and warn them before it is too late.

My neighbors and friends....you must keep in mind that time is so short, and the Word of truth is all that we have...and it is the light in the dark world. Pick up your Bible (the Christian's Sword), the Word of God...and that Bible you pick up will lead us to the next subject about Bibles.

Damnable Heresies #7

Are all Bibles the same? No! Let me ask you this, is the Word of God written in many different versions of the Bible? NO! The Word comes in the one that He has written in four languages: Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and English. Primarily there have been other translations in other languages in later years, but not in the beginning. The language of the time was given to us by the Lord through the Holy Spirit, but the Word of God has always been the same, it has never changed. There is but One God, One Faith, One Religion and One Word of God. In America, we know that to be the King James Authorized Version of 1611 in English, and then only in the New Testament. The Old Testament is finished (closed), the Word says - "...for ye are not under the law, but under grace." - Romans 6:14. The New Testament is the only Book you need for salvation,....it's the only Book that you need to witness by. When the Scriptures teach that faith comes by hearing of the Word of God....it does not mean that you can take the other Bibles, which are slowly changing the Word of God....and make their printed versions into the Word of God. You can only be saved by the Word of God and His Book that the Holy Spirit wrote. He is not the author of confusion...He doesn't write many different books. The Holy Spirit will guide you, show you and teach you all truth as your read and study His Word. But to say that all Bibles have "Saving" passages, it just isn't so....and people have been deceived by the many false versions of the word of God. For what some of these bibles give you in one verse, they take away in other verses. In one place they show Christ as deity, and in other sections they take away His deity and make Him created, instead of the Creator. The changes are subtle....and gradual, but the one thing that Satan can not do is to hold fast to the truth, so he has, over the centuries, needed many Bibles and corrections and changes, but the Authorized Version of the King James 1611, translated to English is the original from the originals, given by the Holy Spirit, wherein we may be saved. It's the only Book that will teach you the truth...it's the only Book from which you can spiritually grow by...all the other books of Satan can never produce good fruit. Get yourself a copy of the New Testament, King James Version. Ask the Spirit to show and teach you the truth within it and he'll open a new eternal world for you. Know Jesus and you are saved. Believe in Jesus, confess His name to men, repent of your sin, and you are saved! Have faith in Him and you are on your way home. There is only One door......One salvation...and it is the Christ of the Word...not the antichrist or the religions of men. You will not receive the blessings of the spirit....you will not receive the knowledge of the truth in books written of men. Stop buying and reading these books written by these religious hypocrites. There's only one true Book given to us by the Spirit in which to find: salvation, truth, and Christ....and that is the Bible, Authorized Version of King James, 1611, English Translation. Get it, stay in it!

Damnable Heresies #8

The Old Testament.....Another subject that is very controversial. My brothers and sisters, the Old Testament, according to the Word of God and what Christ has told us in the New Covenant shall wax old and vanish away. He means what He has said. The Old Testament was a Book of the Law given to the Jew to keep them righteous until Christ came. Now, once Christ came and the Law ended, all things were fulfilled as He spoke, and the Old Testament was closed. We are now living under the New Covenant of Christ and only in the New Covenant of Christ can the Jew be saved. All Jews are on their way to hell under Old Testament Law. Or, as in the Old Testament Law, they never then found heaven but paradise, where they waited for Christ. So, Christ, in the New Covenant that He wrote for all mankind, there is neither Jew nor Gentile...but we are one in Him. We died with Him, we rose with Him and only in Him are we free...NOT under the Old Testament, but under the New....and you can not mix the two for we are told that to return to the law while under grace is "spiritual fornication". You can not be married to both....nor can you learn from the Old, for no Jew has ever been saved under the law since the death of Jesus Christ. You cannot live under the law because it has been fulfilled and completed through Jesus Christ...for by grace alone are you saved, and the Word stands on its own.

Damnable Heresies #9

Misconception of Prayer......a heresy in the way that Religion uses prayer today, repetition, praying for fleshly pleasures and worldly things, such as money, big houses, praying to prolong life in this world, praying to be healed of sickness - read how Paul made it through his infliction, beseeching the Lord three times to remove that infliction, but the Lord told Paul: "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." - 2 Cor. 12:9. All of the above is praying amiss. "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts." - James 4:3. People, prayer is talking to Christ as you would talk to your earthly parents, to your Children, to your friends. Prayer is unceasing, prayer is continuous, prayer is talking to the Father, Son, and Spirit....asking, praying and petitioning. Keep in mind, prayer does not save other people, the Word of God does. Praying that they may hear the Word of truth is a good prayer. To say that you're praying for salvation for your son or daughter will never bring them salvation without their knowledge of the Word of truth.

Damnable Heresies #10

Judging.....another damnable heresy. We are told by religions that we shall not judge. My friends, the Scripture teaches us that we are judges and we shall judge angels and a righteous judge shall judge all. The warning that we have about judgment is that we had better well make sure that the beam in our own eye is gleaned and taken out and that the path we walk is of Christ and truth, or else we are like unto a hypocrite. "Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." - Matt. 7:5 Also read Matt. 7:1-5. Not that we are perfect, not that we do not sin...but that our love and path that we follow is Jesus Christ in love....and that our warnings are for correction to those who are in error. The souls will be judged by the Word...the souls will be condemned to hell by the Word..in essence, the Lord will be carrying out the sentences....they have judged themselves when they have failed to keep his Word...they have condemned themselves when they fail to walk the path that the New Covenant sheds its light on. All that will be done is sentencing...and no Christian can possibly profess that he or she loves people and lets them go to hell without warning them. You can not love and let them go. Most religions, which are of the devil, do not want you to tell them the truth, they don't want you to warn them. The famous, famous argument that I've received from all religions is: "Who are you to judge?" And I say, "Sir, I do judge, I judge the sins of men, they are damnable, they are evil, they are wrong, and I have a love for these people and the only way I can reach them is by the Word of truth that what they are doing will judge their soul for all eternity in hell". "Please", I tell them, "change from your ways". And I would rather be wrong in warning them rather than thinking they are wrong and not telling them. Sin is a terrible thing and sin is what separates us from Christ...therefore our sin must be confessed and covered by the blood of Christ.

Neighbors, time is short..."For many are called, but few are chosen." - Matt. 22:14. Be a judge for Christ in reaching those in the error of their sinfulness. The Apostles and Disciples, even Christ Himself, went forth in love and judged the sin that they saw being committed and told the sinner of a better way. Christ came to save the lost, He came to preach to the lost and He sent the Disciples and Apostles out to reach the lost. He reached them with truth...and yes, when they received not the truth the Apostles were told to judge them by shaking the dust from their feet and walk away. We're talking about a correction judgment, not a hell damning judgment. There is a difference.

We must all try to stop sin when we see it, first in ourselves, and then in our erring brothers and erring neighbors. We must love one another and not war and fight, but forgive and feed one another and watch out for our neighbor. Now I realize these things happen and we will not change them until Christ, the true Lord of Lord and King of Kings returns and that day I pray to come soon. Jesus Himself has told us that He did not come to bring peace, but the sword. He wasn't telling us these things to tell us a lie....these things are facts which He knew would occur. There will be no peace without Christ...and the sword is what is being used....not the sword of truth (Bible), but the weapons of men. Mothers and fathers have fought over the name of Christ and walking His path. Many have been told..."Don't be a fanatic, don't judge people, don't discuss religion, don't discuss politics". All heresies of the devil.

You cannot reach lost souls unless you preach the Word of Jesus Christ to them, and not with the thought of hell-fire judgment which will come, but for the correction. My neighbors, I have always tried to go forth in love to warn people about hell, not to put them in hell, but to keep them out of hell. I have always tried to show them that there is a better way and that peace comes through Christ and Truth, not with war, not with hatred. And surely not with revenge and surely not with suing one another.

There are many damnable heresies and I've tried to cover some of them here. There are many more of which I will impart to you in other messages of truth from the Word as I have been taught by the Holy Spirit.

Damnable Heresies #11

They say there is no rapture...that the Body of Christ will not be taken out before the tribulation. Well, the Scriptures seem to teach otherwise and I will stay with the truth of the Word of God as I've been taught by the Holy Spirit, rather than listen to the religions of men.

There will be a Rapture, there will be a Taking Out, there will be a Disappearing of the Body of Christ before the wrath of God is poured out. The Scripture in the Word of God tells us so. I can't do all of your homework for you...I can't study for you, but if you really want to know and learn, the Spirit will teach you. The Lord turns no one away who is honestly seeking truth.

The Rapture is an event that will take place when the Lord removes His church (the body of Christ believers) supernaturally from this earth. 1 Cor. 15:51-52. The dead will rise first with Christ, and then the believers will disappear from the face of the earth in the twinkling of the eye, never knowing physical death, but litterally transported into the clouds to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air in our resurrected-incorruptible bodies, and to be instantly in the presence of the Lord where we will spend eternity. Read 1 Thes.4:15-17.

Time is so short, again I say...wake up! Do not be deceived by the many damnable heresies!

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.