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Color Races

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess


What is color....race and creed? Where does it fit in...in the human equation? Does it have any place in Christianity? Did Jesus create color? How did it all come about?

There is a simple answer, a truthful answer, a biblical answer. We shall expose another of Satan’s lies to the world. If you let truth have its way and if your heart is open....you will know the truth and it shall set you free!

Every answer to life on this earth, human existence, its purpose and goals, from creation to completion of life on earth, is answered in biblical scriptures as interpreted by the Holy Spirit Who wrote it. There is no question left unanswered regarding our sojourn in life on this earth. The Lord did not leave us in darkness. Out of love He gave us a road map...a path...a way to return to Him. He gave us a free will and choice to seek and find His way on our own. You do have to ask...look and listen...to the Holy Spirit Who shall guide you if you seek. You shall know Him by your heart. The Holy Spirit does use guides...as He did the apostles. He uses men of God as He so guides. I am one of those men and I know Him and He knows me. Read the following pages as to what He has taught me...you shall know me by these words....as it did not come from me...I am not the author, but a messenger of His truth. It set me free and it shall also set you free.

Now, to the question....What is Color? When we explain the word color we refer to the Word, when used by the human race, as a pigment of skin, a characteristic of a race or group of people. In most cases it refers to a Negro or the African race. In fact, it has nothing to do with race or location. It is a skin pigmentation, a genetic variant manifested by the occurrence of a skin color, changed by the sun when exposed to its rays. There are many medical terms explaining what happens to the skin when exposed to sun rays, but I think you get the picture. There are also many scientific answers to what is happening to our skin, solar heat and its rays on the earth, and its effects on humans.

What does this all have to do with color?. . . . . .very simple. . . . . .We shall now look at the biblical reasons and answers...it shall give us the....WHY!

When the Lord God created all things in six days, it was good, it was perfect....and on the first day, the day of light (the sun) and on the sixth day man was created and was given dominion (control) over the earth. He created a help-mate for Adam and her name was Eve. The stage is set....everything is ready for a test of love between the Lord and man. The Lord wanted man to also love Him...not by force, but a free will love given by man to God for the life He gave him and the good things of the earth also given to him for his use...and most of all a help-mate (woman).

The test was simple - He gave them all things to eat...but from one tree He said do not eat, and if you do..you will die. We all know what happened.....Satan (in the form of a serpent) tempted Eve to eat from the tree and she in turn convinced Adam to eat of the fruit. In doing so they failed the test...and at that point death started...not only in their bodies, but death started in all of the earth, and in all the creation of the Lord.

What the Lord gave to Adam (and Adam, in believing Satan’s lie), then in turn gave it to Satan. Satan took from Adam the power that Adam had over creation. To this day Satan is called the Prince of the earth - meaning the controller. Because Satan cannot control life or the spirit of life, and he cannot stop death or decay of God’s creation...death of all things was set in motion by Adam and Eve’s sin of failing the test...thus, the reason why all humans have a sin nature.

Satan can never be a God. He was an angel created by God, and his power has limits, and one day in time, he shall also be put in the Lake of Fire as his punishment, along with his followers.

In the creation of Adam....then Eve....it is believed that their skin color was fair, light skin if you will....and it was perfect. Their color was not white as the term is used by man to define the Caucasian race...but a pinkish light color when compared to night or darkness. The Lord did not use color as part of a definition of man or his skin. Evidence suggests that Satan uses it and was the father of it because of his lies to Adam and Eve in the garden. He was the cause of the sun to start sending bad rays so as to darken the skin pigment. Whatever the color of Adam and Eve was at creation, it was their sin which caused death to their flesh to set in and their bodies were going to change and die (See article on death).

Adam and Eve were the parents of all the living. Eve being the mother of all children that came to them which in turn started the human race. Believe it or not, we are all from them, we are all related and not by color, but by creation. All seed is from the Lord God.

Color is a human factor, caused by our environment, our way of life, the area we live in, the condition of our climate and how it acts on our organisms. In breeding and cross-breeding, changes are produced in the genetic make-up of the organism. It has to do with skin color, eyes, hair and physical features. It produces what people look like in the flesh.

Because of Satan and sin...man is causing a continuous climactic change in our world and it effects our life and body as well as our reproductive organs.

In the beginning the earth had one language...one speech...and again, because of sin and the wickedness of man, the Lord God repented of making man on earth. But Noah found grace in His eyes and He saved Noah and his family. However, at the Towel of Babel, in the land of Shinar, the Lord gave the people (because of their sin) confusion of tongues, and thereafter were different tribes/groups of people which were scattered abroad the face of the earth. Can you now see how sin has caused color and language to change in the human race? You have the Word of God on it.

Satan’s creed is to destroy the souls of men by any and all means possible. He is doing well....but his time is short. He has our sin nature to work with, and it’s called flesh! He is the father of lies, the cause of different races, language change, wars and crime...etc.

The reason for and the meat in this article is simple. Color or race have no place in Christian life. There can be no special race....and the same also applies to the religions of man. There can be no Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. People who gather in fellowship by race, color or special creed are not of the Lord, nor do they know Him. Christians are a family of believers, they are all one in Christ. It is not a color issue or belief. You cannot mix social trends with it. There is no birthright or heritage to it. You can’t mix other religions or beliefs with it. There is no voodoo in it...witchcraft...no physical or emotional displays (Holy rollers, etc.)...no spiritualism to it by calling it soul, i.e., soul brother, soul music, loud music, clapping, dancing, laughing, and hollering "Amen" or such. These things all reap of corrupt influences of the world and Satan.

Christianity and the Holy Spirit are peaceful and in order; loving, giving, peace makers, forgivers. Christians do not fight for their faith...they die for it. They do not resist evil and they do not kill for any reason. They love the Lord and look to be with Him and are always ready to meet Him. They have nothing to do with the world or the things of it.

If all you see is the outside, the skin, the color...the flesh, then you’ve missed it. The Word states that in heaven we shall all look like Christ, the spirit body that is, not facial....and we shall keep our own identify. We shall be changed back to our perfect state which has no color because there is no color in heaven. If all you can see is skin deep then you are color blind. Flesh can be changed, skin tanned, but the spirit continues on with no color. And when we change from flesh to spirit we will receive a new-heavenly body. The color will not be an issue as we shall all be as Christ; "But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." II. Cor.3:18.  Also read I Cor. 51-52.

Satan has always used color as a racial conflict to steal souls....and it works real well. Discrimination is a tool that Satan uses each and every day. While there is flesh in the world...any color...there will be discrimination. Why can’t people see this? There is a lot at stake here....it’s eternity.

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.