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By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

This is not a new concept, but rather a study looking at the facts of the Scripture as given us by the Holy Spirit to better understand the purpose and reason Christ came “onto his own (to the Jews first),”John 1:11 - that they also might gain the knowledge as to why He came to this earth as He had promised.

The very first teaching of Jesus was to the Jews first, to explain to them the purpose for His coming as a Man, not as a King, because the Jews were always looking for a King to lead them.  But, instead of a king, they got the unblemished Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world (John 1:29 – “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world”, also Verse 36; 1 Peter 1:19.  He tried to explain the purpose of the Law and His coming kingdom, the “…new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God.” (Rev. 3:12 and see Rev. 22:14) which was not of this world at that time (Matt. 7:12-21), and to unveil to them a spiritual  life of holiness, having a heavenly family life in the coming Kingdom when He would return and rule on earth as King of Kings and where they could have an eternal life free from sin and Satan, but not in their lifetime in this world.  Christ told them that in order to enter the Kingdom, they must do the will of the Father (Matt. 7:21).  They didn’t believe Him, they killed Him!


James VI (who already had been King of Scotland) received the crown and became King James I of England in 1603.  King James I was presented with a petition of grievances, called “The Millenary Petition of 1603” [see Michigan State University of Education/MillenaryPetition of 1603] from the Puritans, requesting reformation of and freedom from man-made rites, certain ceremonies in worship and abuses of the Church.  In 1603, King James I agreed and called for a conference at Hampton Court (one of the castles in England), consisting of churchmen and theologians “for hearing and for determining of things pretended to be amiss in the church.”  The Conference at Hampton Court lasted for 3 days (January 14-16, 1604).  At the end of the conference, the motion was made by Dr. John Reynolds, the leader of the Puritan party and the President of Corpus Christi College at Oxford to retranslate the Bible.  King James supported the idea of a new translation as long as it was free from marginal commentary as found in the Tyndale and Geneva Versions.

The plan for King James translation was drawn up in 1604, but actual work of the translation began in 1607.  Fifty-four of the greatest biblical scholars, including Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic professors in Great Britain were chosen to begin the project, but because of deaths and resignations, only forty-seven English speaking men ended up on the preserved list of translators of the King James Authorized Bible.  These forty seven men made the translation to Elizabethan English, and in the end the changes in words made from the Elizabethan English to modern English, no doctrinal changes were ever made, it remains the same.  The later printings of the King James Bible left out the Apocrypha because it was not canonical.

Of these forty-seven men, they were organized into one of three companies, divided into six groups, two at Westminster, two at Oxford, and two at Cambridge.  The Westminster group revised Genesis to 2 Kings and Romans to Jude.  The Oxford Group took Isaiah to Malachi, the Gospels, the Acts, and the Apocalypse.  The Cambridge group revised I Chronicles to Ecclesiastes, and the Apocrypha.   These men, translators of the King James Bible, were very diverse in their practice of faith, yet, able to reach unity in the translation of the language.  What began in 1607 was completed in 1610, and made available to the public in 1611.  Thus this version is commonly known as the “1611”.

The King James translators did an excellent job in translating the Greek and Aramaic language into English, but, where I feel they lacked spiritual wisdom was where they put the Scripture and what they added to the Bible, the King James Authorized Version of 1611.

They added the Old Testament to appease the Jew, knowing that it could not be proven.  They put the Gospels (first 5 books of the New Testament, including Acts) ahead of the Epistles, when they should each be separate books of the Bible, then the Epistles, then the Book of Revelation separate.  Let me explain, if you understand the Gospels you know that it deals with the life of Christ as a Jew, beginning with a genealogy of the Hebrew patriarchal and kingly lines leading to the birth of Jesus Christ.  “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.  Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Juda and his brethren……And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias……And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon………So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David unto the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.” (Matthew 1:1-2, 6, 11, 17)

Here is an important point to keep in mind, in the original texts of the Bible there were no chapter divisions or verse by verse divisions, and as good as the King James translators were, they, like others before them, also added the chapters which had originated in the 1200’s and numbered verses that had begun in the mid 1500’s, of which both were found in the Geneva Bible of 1560, the first English Bible to use verse divisions and the first to be printed in Roman type.  The division of the Bible into chapters and verses is simply a human invention.  Even the ancient Jews divided the Old Testament into certain sections for use in their worship services, and later divided it into verses.

The King James writers, again, like those before them, also divided the Books as they had previously been placed in order, supposedly for easy reading.  I do not necessarily agree with the order or names on the titles of the books given by those before the Translators who had put them in order, but the Holy Spirit wrote the entire New Testament Bible, and used scribes (men) as the pencils to write His Word, with each Book standing on its own merit from start to finish as written.  Take each gospel, letter or epistle from the beginning to end, for the meaning is complete in each section – don’t jump around or go back and forth in the New Testament, skipping from letter to letter, just to prove a point as men in the pulpits of religion do, and which is exactly what Satan does. Each Letter has its own theme of the Lord by the Spirit and stands on its own.  Religion continues to mix and join together to prove their own religious doctrine, i.e., keeping the 10 commandments, tithing, creeds of men, keeping sacraments or assembling together in a building (man’s church) – all being under the Law and in error.  You cannot get saved by the Law.  Law is law and Grace is grace – you don’t work for it, period!

There is yet another book, one that is not canonical, called the Apocrypha (Latin Vulgate) which was included in the King James Version by the Translators to appease the Catholics.  Yet, the King James translators never considered the Apocrypha the word of God.  But, because they felt they had some historical value, the Apocrypha was placed between the Old and New Testaments as an appendix of reference material for the reader. It is for Catholic doctrine only, and is false.  The Apocrypha is simply a collection of uninspired, spurious books written by various unknown individuals, and without claim of inspiration or authority.  They consist of 15 books of Jewish literature. In 1546, at the Council of Trent, the Roman Catholic religion pronounced the Apocrypha books sacred, asserting that these books together with unwritten tradition are of God and are to be received and venerated as the Word of God.  Oh, yes, Satan is very clever, always trying to keep the Law alive in religion.  In 1599, twelve years prior to the publishing of the King James Bible, King James said the following about the Apocrypha: “As to the Apocrypha bookes, I OMIT THEM because I am no Papist (as I said before);…”  King James Charles Stewart (Basilicon Doron, page 13).  The Apocrypha was omitted from the Authorized Version in 1629, and from 1825, the Apocrypha has been eliminated from nearly all English Bibles, Catholic Bibles and some pulpit Bibles.

From Bible Versions essay by D.B.Loughran
Manuscripts produced by the early Christians fall into three categories:
1. Copies of masters or of earlier copies.
2.  Versions:  These are translations of Scripture made directly from the original languages. For example from Hebrew or Greek into Syriac, Latin, German, English or French.  A translation from Latin into English, or from English into Chinese, cannot strictly be called a ‘version.’  It is simply a translation of a translation: whereas a ‘version’ must be a translation from the original.  Bear this important fact in mind.
3.  Church Fathers:  “Our third group is the early church fathers.  These are the men who led the Christians in the first few centuries after the New Testament was completed.  We have record of their early sermons, books and commentaries.  They will be able to provide us with much information on disputed passages.  Many may have seen the original autographs.”

The only books that are Christian and good for proof and correction are in the New Testament; the Gospels, the Epistles and the Book of Revelation, all from the King James Version.  This version of the Bible agrees with the Greek Textus Receptus, from which the King James Bible was translated in 1611.   All other bibles were founded upon corrupted manuscripts.   It has long been the firm position of true Christians that the only legitimate source for what is called the Old Testament is the Greek Septuagint.  The Septuagint vs. The Masoretic Text and The History of the Bible, as well as other Separatist literature, have presented undeniable proof that the Greek Septuagint was the Scripture used by Jesus Christ and His Apostles and conversely that the so-called Hebrew Masoretic Text did not come into existence until around 1000 AD, and that this Hebrew had been edited, changed, and in come cases rewritten entirely by Talmudic, atheistic, mongrel Jews.  This, of course, is important because the Masoretic Text is the text behind the Old Testament translations of virtually every Bible version available today, though some claim to have at least consulted the Septuagint.  Most translations, however, especially the King James Version, do not even consult the Septuagint, and those which do rarely if ever follow the Septuagint where the Septuagint and Masoretic text differ, such as newer translations like the New Revised Standard and the New International Version.

Yet, in spite of all the evidence which clearly supports the Greek Septuagint, most so called Christian denominations, with few exceptions, continue to use the Masoretic text and defend it vehemently.  Satan is clever with his deceit!  People, man needs nothing else, ONLY the King James.  Again, the Old Testament is Jewish history and does not prove anthing spiritual for today's Christian.  The Dead Sea scrolls are fake and of man, and proves nothing of the Lord, our Savior.  They are just another attempt of Satan to confuse people.


I see the Gospels, including the Book of Acts, as 5 books; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts, all part of the Transition from Law to Grace.  I call the Gospels the “transition” period between Law (Jewish) and Grace (all souls).  The “body of Christ” began in Acts - the name “Christians” first appeared in the Book of Acts (Acts 11:26 – “…And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”) which also teaches us that the disciples were no longer under the Law of the Jew which included all their feast days, but were now under GRACE.  Paul was chosen to teach the Gentiles and the Holy Spirit was sent to lead the body of Christ.  It is the Holy Spirit Who puts our names in the Book of Life, convicts us of sin, is our power to overcome and persevere, but the Holy Spirit does not, and will not, force anyone to believe.

We see in the Gospels, that when Jesus Christ the Messiah came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets, there was a definite change in what actually constituted true worship.  A new order was inaugurated with new realities, and worship would no longer be centered in physical Jerusalem, but in the spirit dimension called “in spirit and truth.”  Natural Israel was de-materialized, spiritualized and personalized in Christ, so that the promises and blessings of Israel were spiritual in nature, and are realities of their New Covenant salvation and righteousness.  The New Testament declares that these blessings were spiritual/eternal and not earthly, natural or political (Read Romans 15:27; Ephesians 1:3; and Colossians 2:14-17 says: “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.  Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ”).  You can see that these scriptures declare that the natural realities of Israel’s worship system were merely types and shadows of the true spiritual realities of the New Covenant in Christ, for the body is of Christ.

“But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building.” (Hebrews 9:11) – “For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.” (Hebrews 10:1) - “And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.” (Hebrews 11:39-40).  These Scriptures do affirm that the New Covenant realities were spiritual in nature and therefore better than the natural realities of the old, which were simply types and shadows.  They also affirm the fact that the Old Testament saints and New Testament saints share in the same spiritual salvation realities.  The majority of the Jews of Jesus’ generation did not understand nor even appreciate the spiritual nature of the promises contained in their scriptures.  That is why they missed the realities even when others saw them and partook of them.  If we do not understand the spiritual nature of the same promised realities and the completion thereof, then we also would think that God has not yet done what He promised He would do, and we would continue to look around us for the fulfillment of our false concepts, just as the Jew is still doing today….looking for the coming Messiah and relating to Old Covenant realities even though Christ has abolished them.

It is apparent that Jesus established the New Covenant when He shed His blood on the cross (Luke 22:220; 1 Corinthians 11:25; Hebrews 8:6-13; 9:15; 12:24).  The church which began shortly after Christ’s death (Acts 2:1-4; 11:15) has partaken of the spiritual blessings of the New Covenant.  The glory of the New Covenant transcends that of the Old Covenant (2 Cor. 3:7-11).  That is why the author of Hebrews calls the New Covenant spiritual realities better than the natural types and shadows of the Old, for the Law was only a shadow of good things to come.

The true Israel that God is concerned about is heavenly and spiritual in nature which is comprised of Jew and Gentiles in heaven and on earth in Christ.  Earthly Jerusalem, as well as religion today, is still in bondage with her children.  “…Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.  But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.  Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar.  For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children.  But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” - Gal. 4:22-26.  The picture that we see here is the completed better reality of the better covenant that the Israelites and the Gentiles could not fully experience independently of one another (Rom. 11:25-27 and Heb. 12:39-40).  God is all and in all, and He dwells among His people.  This is the unity of the faith (Eph. 4:13) that the 1st century Jew/Gentile-Church was maturing towards.  The heavenly Holy of Holies (“ark” = throne) has become our New Jerusalem city.  We live in His presence and in the realm of His throne (Rev. 21:3, 22-23).  This is the Christ reality or the place that Jesus went to prepare for us (John 14:2-3).  This is the completed new arrangement or world order that God planned.  We must recognize it for what is it (spiritual/eternal) before we can relate to it properly and reap the full benefits of this new life.

We all know that the Gospels are called the “Good News”. In the “Good News” we see that God became flesh, Jewish flesh, and was born as a mortal in the very person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was and had to be a Jew as the whole culmination of God’s covenant relation with Israel and the nature of that relationship’s blessing for the whole world.  Because Jesus was a Jew, the whole world no longer waits for the blessing to come through Israel.  In Jesus, God finished the work of revealing himself to the whole world through Israel in a Jewish man. We see in the Gospels that   Christ led a good Jewish life under the Law, thus showing us why His Jewish life under the Law was only temporary.  He tried to reveal to us why He had to die for the sins of all, hence His death on the tree which fulfilled all promises and covenants made to the Jew first.  He gave all men the gift of GRACE; no laws or rules. He gave all men freedom to choose their own course and even to choose sin and destruction.  John 3:16-21; Acts 2:37-41; Acts 18:6; 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12.   What I am teaching is in the Scriptures, but it must be spiritually discerned.  It is not after man or religion.

I also believe that the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 11, are two Spirit-filled Christians that the Lord has chosen, and with the possibility that one could even be a woman.  The Lord said that He would “give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.” – Rev. 11:3.  Another point in Revelation 11:7, how could Moses and Elijah, two Old Testament prophets, be killed?  I don’t think so, but two New Testament Christians could be killed.  Besides, anyone could be the Lord’s witnesses if they believe as Christians, for we all share the same glory in Christ.

The only way to truly understand the New Testament Scripture is by the Holy Spirit who wrote it.  The Apostle Paul claimed that he spoke what was revealed to him by God.  He said: “Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.  Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth: comparing spiritual things with spiritual” – I Cor. 2:12-13.  It must all be spiritually discerned.

There is an order of things and the Holy Spirit who used men as pens, guided them as they wrote.  Paul spoke and wrote what was revealed to him by the Spirit of God – “For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe” – I Thess. 2:13.  The King James Scholars made an excellent effort in translating, as most were great language experts, but they were of different religions and misguided in their order of things.  They even knew some things were not canonical and should not be put in the first printing of the 1611 versions.  Their religious background came forth, in that they added such as the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, along with Psalms (prayers of David) of which the King James translators never regarded the Psalms as inspired but were simply added for their beauty.  They are King David’s prayers, beautiful, but private.  We should each make our own prayers to the Lord, talking to Him daily – He wants to hear from each of us, in our own personal way.

The King James translators should have stuck to translating only, and save their opinions and helps for the Holy Spirit to teach whosoever would ask.  Remember, the King, King James, did not write the Bible, nor did the translators.  It was written by the Holy Spirit.


All I’m saying is that there is another order of the Scriptures which is not after men, I’m just a pencil as guided by the same Holy Spirit Who wrote it all.  There has been much the Holy Spirit has taught me in the past 30 some years of over 70 years of my life…and He will teach you also, if you ask.  When He drew my attention to all the things He had taught me over the years, it made sense, and He has since given me more knowledge than what I had asked for or could ever hope for.  So, I asked the Lord what did He wanted me to do with what He showed and taught me, and in spirit He said: “Teach those who want to know” – so I do.

What I have learned is not from any man or Bible college, so I continue to get e-mails from many teachers, pastors and religious theologians who were taught in Bible schools, and wrongly so, to try and persuade me otherwise.  But, what I have learned has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that I might continue on doing the Lord’s work. I teach NOT a new gospel, but by the Spirit of truth I teach the original gospel, the one given us by Christ through His Spirit.

I pray no man follow religious traditions or customs of men, but, rather to trust the Holy Spirit, believe in Jesus Christ the Word, and study to show ourselves approved - for the Word is real, alive, and truth.  There can be no doubt whatsoever – for the Scriptures claim that the Bible is not the words of men but the inspired Word of God – “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” – 2 Timothy 3:16.  It truly is!  Amen!

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.