God's Sword of Truth - The Word


By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

The age of "LAODICEANS". . . .the era of "rights"....civil rights, human rights, woman’s rights, abortion rights to kill a human fetus which is a life form from God....all sorts of "RIGHTS"! We will make it clear from the beginning, when the male seed enters the female egg and fertilization begins, life is present in both stages...both forms come from God...they are His creation.

His creation begins in developing human life within the body of the woman. That is why Eve is called the mother of all creation. All of God’s creation is life at the first stage of inception. In the seeds, that of the woman and the man, is life within. When the life of the two come together they become one....and there is human creation of a new life form, as God has so declared...."Be fruitful and multiple". Creation of God’s life on earth is not to be stopped by man or spirit. Life-creation is God’s love, not mans. It cannot start by evil means...though the method of rape is evil. A man who rapes a woman is evil, as well as the act of rape, but if in the union conception begins, that life that is created in good. Keep in mind, the seed through the man comes from God. There is no life given that does not come from God. There is no sin against a child born from God’s love. The only thing the child inherits from the parents is a sin nature given to all of us from the sin of Eve, then Adam.

Christians do not resist evil in the world....that is to say that you cannot overcome Satan in the flesh...he is dealt with by the Holy Spirit. As humans we cannot overcome Satan and his evil. We are to suffer for righteousness sake for Christ. We do not march against sin...we do not physically resist or prevent sin from occurring through others...each shall answer for their sin. We are to live by love and example. If you show love and can change another person’s heart then you have done good...and being a witness of Christ’s salvation you may have turned that person from his/her sin.

Remember, evil and sin must come.....Satan is alive and well and his time is not yet complete. He is still on his throne (the earth) of which he is the prince for now. No one can overcome him in the flesh as he also has an appointed time. He shall give an account...he has already lost his right to heaven and God.

We must, as Christians, hate all sin...the sin of all men. But don’t forget, you can only change it by love and good example. You are to be salt....warn them....rebuke them...but do not physically fight them. Keep in mind...no one has a right to kill or abort any life once it has begun. If they do take a life it is against the Lord and His Word. That person will be judged of the Lord when they face Him on the judgment seat in heaven.

Why is it that people have lost the beauty in God’s creation? The closest thing to God on earth is a newborn baby. It is pure and holy...and that baby’s angels see the face of God. To abort a baby in any way, for any reason...it would be better if that person who does such a thing had not been born. They shall have all eternity to think about it which is after the fact..and it is too late to change or take back an abortion. Don’t do it....EVER!

Another tragic event is when so called "Religious Christians" march or fight against abortion clinics...or against a woman who has an abortion. These judging hypocrites who are so self-righteous have no concept of love or forgiveness in their heart as Christ had when he hung on the cross. They could never turn a soul to Christ by their example. In their judgmental state of mind no good is served and they have helped no one, when in fact, they have served the devil and his work. They have prejudged and condemned. No man has that power or right and most of all they have not God’s love in them.

Do they know that there is only one sin not forgiven (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) Mark 3:28 And all other sin shall be forgiven if the sinner asks the Lord, Mark 3:28. I say to you that even those who abort babies can be forgiven...and I thank the Lord for His forgiveness. We are all sinners and there is no one who does not sin. We all need forgiveness and the Blood of Jesus to cover us.

I thank God every second of time for His grace and blood covering forgiveness in Christ. How great they are: FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT who are ONE! I will be so happy when all killing is done away with and death is conquered, read Revelations 21:4. The last thing to be dealt with by Jesus is death, see I. Cor. 15:26. Life is so eternally precious...it’s a forever existence. All life is the love of God personified...a great gift to all human beings..and each life has a choice as to who we want to spend eternity with....Jesus or Satan.

If you want a battle, battle Satan your only enemy...if you need an abortion, abort Satan your enemy. If you want to march, march against all sin of man (if that were possible) but never resist it in a physical way. Be a martyr of love for Christ, as He did for us. Satan has been dealt with by Christ having died on the cross. The Book of Revelations is here now, the Book of Life is soon to open and it will truly be finished. The Plan of God will be complete...HE is the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA OF ALL THINGS!

DO NOT TAKE AWAY OR ADD TO THE WORD, AS IT IS WRITTEN. It shall all come to pass no matter what man tries to do. Believe it..the Lord will surely come quickly and all evil and sin will be done away with. "Whosoever believeth in Him..."(John 3:16-21)and live Him daily will receive remission of all sins.

One thing you cannot do is abort truth. It stands alone and it will be the judge of all who take a life. Those who take creation into their own hands and kill (abort)a living being no matter what stage of life it is in is murder, and "they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God". PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

Gal. 6:7....."Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." The Lord means a woman, as well as a man, in that verse. If you reap to the flesh you will reap corruption. You can never take one life to save another. If you are told a pregnancy would cause complications, even death, there is no faith in choosing abortion to aid the mother of the child. The fetus is a life form....a child.

The Lord, Who created all things and is in control, knows all things and nothing can occur or happen without His consent or allowing it to happen. Faith in Him does produce miracles beyond our understanding. My faith and belief is beyond flesh and sight or what I’m told by man. ALL things are possible in Christ if you believe, even to moving mountains or walking on water.

If your life was in danger and you have faith...can death take you? No! Your time is appointed and it cannot occur unless the Lord allows it and then it would be your time. In this event you can have a good doctor or bad doctor, a good operation or a bad one, good health or bad...it doesn’t matter, you are not going if it’s not your time. Can you understand this basic understanding in God’s Word?

You must crucify the flesh against lust or doubt. You must walk in spirit. If you follow the world, the flesh, man or Satan, Christ and faith has become of no effect unto you.

The purpose of this article is again to warn you all.....in love. My labor in the Word and the Holy Spirit is for YOUR gain. I have a burden for souls. I have mine in Christ and I will share with anyone who shall listen or read.

My anointing is from above and it abideth within...no man taught me, I will walk in His truth and you also can receive it if you just ask. Following His truth (the Word) is the ONLY way you stop abortion.


All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.